A natural progression to cuckold

Martin, 52 and his wife Helen, 51 have progressed slowly and carefully in the lifestyle, starting with chastity and culminating in Martin's cuckolding and Helen's conversion to a real hotwife. Martin relates how their marriage has progressed to cuckoldry.

Our journey started about 10 years ago when we were just in our 40s. Helen and I were very busy with work and family and as a consequence our sex life started to dwindle. I then began to have problems with maintaining an erection on the odd occasions that we did make love. Helen was very understanding and I used toys and oral to satisfy her and for a while this was enough.

Around this time I got interested in chastity. Without Helen's knowledge I bought a CB chastity cage and began wearing it during the day when she wasn't around. Eventually after a year or so I built up the courage to tell Helen of my interest and suggested that it might bring back a spark into our love life. She wasn't sure at first but I was able to find links to a couple of websites that gave a sensible view on the practice. Once she understood more she agreed to give it a go.

Almost from the outset she found that she was aroused by the power trip that locking my cock gave her which was something she hadn't expected. So, I began my life as a chastised male. My periods of confinement increased from just a few hours to what it is today about 7 - 10 days at a stretch 24/7. We also changed cages as the plastic enclose variety was difficult to keep clean if it wasn't being removed for days at a time. So we moved to a 'bird cage' type metal one, which was ok at first but was too long for me. However Helen liked it as the space between the bars allowed her more scope to tease me while locked up. We finally moved to using a Fetish Fantasy Extreme cage which is shorter but still allows Helen to arouse me without letting me out.

The move from plastic to metal lasted for another 18 months or so and during this time we continued to use toys and oral on Helen. During this I had become interested in cuckolding and had brought it up in conversation a number of times. Not unsurprisingly Helen wasn't interested at first, I think she was suspicious that it was a lead into swinging. As time went on I was able to find some more literature about the lifestyle and convince her that it was something recognised and to understand the husband's motivation in suggesting it (and it does always seem to be initiated by the husband).

It had now been about 3 years since we'd enjoyed any substantial penetrative sex and I think that combined with my talking about cuckolding plus Helen's growing frustration in the bedroom led us to the point that we decided to give it a go. Bizarre as it may seem Helen didn't want to do it with a white man as she said, it would seem like an affair and if this was just sex then she wanted someone who she wouldn't normally go for and be unlikely to get attached to. We didn't fancy trying websites or contact lists so we were initially stumped as to how we could progress.

Clichéd as it will seem she had been working with a African man who had flirted with her off and on for some time. So we decided that she should flirt back and see if it went anywhere. As it turned out things progressed fairly quickly as he responded to her playfulness and began to make more deliberate passes at her. Eventually we arranged to have a drink with him to talk about what we were after. We explained our interest in cuckolding, that this would be a purely physical affair and that Helen wasn't looking for an attachment, it might well be a one off.

Helen decided that she couldn't do it if I were there first time and so a date was agreed and a hotel room booked. I wanted to be caged on the night and I also wanted to help Helen get ready. We went to the hotel and our man turned up shortly after. To say that emotions were running high is an understatement - excitement, fear, jealousy, anticipation were all in the mix and that was just me! After a couple of drinks at the bar Helen and Andy went up to the room, I still wasn't sure if Helen would see it through but 3 hours later she returned to the bar and asked me to take her home. She was quiet and fully dressed, so it was difficult to know if anything had happened. On the way back very little was said but I did ask if she had slept with Andy and she nodded.

When we got in Helen said she was tired and went to bed. It wasn't really until a couple of days later that we spoke in any detail about the night. Then we talked a lot about the events and how we felt. Helen had enjoyed the sex, she had orgasmed twice through penetrative sex which she hadn't done for years. He wasn't massive but she had been turned on by having another man and, unexpectedly, had found that Andy being black had added to the experience. However she was worried about how it would effect our marriage and if we would both feel the same now she had been with another man. It took some time and a lot of talking for us both to be comfortable with what had happened and it was a couple of months before we repeated the experience.

Fast forward 7 years and we are both enjoying the cuckold/hotwife lifestyle. Helen has a regular bull, J, who she meets 2 or 3 times a month. He's trusted now and so some time ago we dispensed with using a condom. There are a couple of others who she sees occasionally but they aren't as reliable so condoms are a must. I still get very turned helping get her ready for a date. I love picking out lingerie, stockings, short dresses and skirts and heels for her to wear. She wears an anklet with the key to my cage on it along with either 'HW' charms or 'Q and a spade' charm. She'll send me pictures of her making love to her man if I'm not there and will sometimes phone and let me listen. If I can I will be there to watch but I don't get involved apart from taking pictures. I have not had penetrative sex with Helen for about 7 years now, there's no need from her point of view. The guilt has dissipated as we both get a huge turn on from the relationship.

I know that Helen likes it when she stays overnight with J. She'll go straight to work the next morning from his place. J has this ritual where he'll wait for Helen to be dressed for work and then he'll take her again, leaving his deposit inside her to leak out during her working day - kind of marking his territory I guess.

As for me - I actually feel a lot more settled in my marriage. I have no pressure anymore in the bedroom department as that's now taken care of. I can still please Helen with my mouth or with our toys but I no longer feel guilty about not being able to maintain a viable erection. I know that Helen's time with a bull is her time, a time when she can really let loose, especially with J. She can let her hair down and just be a single woman again for a few hours before coming back to the reality of her work and family. She normally returns more relaxed and indulges me in regaling the details of the meeting and letting me revel in the sights and smells of her used pussy and knickers. I'm not into extreme humiliation but I do get a kick out of seeing another man's cum in my wife's pussy. I also love the run up to a date and getting her ready on the night. Helping her on with her QoS tattoo, shaving her pussy, putting on her stockings and basque or garter belt and then her anklet or necklace with the key to my cage on it.

We have had periods of relatively little activity on the cuckolding front when work and family life have intervened. Helen had a weekend away with J a few years back and he also joined her for 5 nights when she was staying in a hotel on a work related training course. She enjoyed the broader experience of being able to go out and about with her bull and not be confined to the bedroom. On a visit to the theatre he fingered her to orgasm while surrounded by other people and, on their weekend away, he 'outed' her to some of his old uni friends as being a hotwife. Despite being highly embarrassed at the time I know that she often thinks back to these two events and it makes her hot.

I'm not sure where my cuckolding will take us in the future. I don't anticipate that Helen will ever want to have penetrative sex with me again, in fact she's said as much already. She recently commented, while putting my cage back on, that  my penis is smaller than it used to be. She added that she couldn't imagine going back to my cock now she's had bigger and better. Hopefully, once the family have left home, we will be able to escalate our activities as I know that Helen would like to increase her number of meets. I can imagine that I'll be kept locked for even longer periods and perhaps her regular bull will visit us at home. I would very much like to be able to witness more of her couplings with J but of course that isn't my decision. Helen has had more that one cock on a couple of occasions, her favourite is being spit roasted and we have talked about going to parties for black bulls, white wives and their cuckolds at some point too.

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