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Happy New Year!

Sunday 1 January 2023

I wish you all a very happy and successful 2023. I hope all of you in this lifestyle will see all your fantasies come true. To those living in hope of joining the lifestyle I wish you every success.

It's become a tradition with my husband and I that we see the New Year in with my current boyfriend inside me. So as midnight approached I was busy riding a gorgeous young cock and well on my way to my first orgasm of the year!

I remember writing years ago about the bad press given to cuckolding saying even watersports enthusiasts received more flattering coverage, well it's remarkable how that has all changed in a few years. We now see articles in mainstream publications with a favorable and supportive slant. Awareness of the lifestyle has never been higher and it's now anything but a minority interest, for better or for worse!

We hear some lurid tales about the lifestyle but for the vast silent majority it's something very private they just get on and enjoy as people have quietly done for decades. Heres to a really great 2023!

Cuckoldress or Hotwife?

Saturday 14 May 2022

Possibly, like myself and many others, you don't worry about which is the more appropriate term though I personally prefer cuckoldress. Of course it is largely irrelevent but many newcomers are concerned about the possible distinctions. Some say the difference is that cuckolding involves humiliating the husband whereas hotwifing does not, some say the opposite.

Yet others say a hotwife chooses her partners but a cuckoldress has her partners chosen by her cuckold. Both these views are not consistently true I would suggest. I tend to think that a hotwife goes out openly on dates with her partners and without her husband who stays home, she returns home after intercourse. With a cuckoldress there's no regular dating except I would add that I have on occasion gone out with a lover. The definition seems to vary with every new person who is asked!

Though I use it, I cannot say I am totally happy with the term cuckoldress, it sounds a bit archaic and lifted from Chaucer. Hotwife is maybe a little sleazy sounding possibly, on the hand maybe there's nothing wrong with that! This lifestyle is all about female empowerment and choices so just call yourself anything you're happy with and choose the style of cuckolding that you prefer. Which is what most people are doing anyway.

Involving the cuckold

Sunday 8 May 2022

Cuckold Couple with their Bull

With her cuckold positioned to get the best view the cuckoldress braces herself as her lover inserts his cock. The cuckold is up close and personal viewing all the action with the added bonus he can perform cunnilingus while her lover is inside her. Of course his tongue may "accidentally" encounter the bull's cock as he thrusts away, so best you are all comfortable with that!

We like the way the attractive cuckoldress rests her breasts on her cuckold's chest and that he is smooth shaven and, importantly, safely caged so that his wife, in the heat of passion, cannot yield to any urges to take him in her mouth. All in all a very charming domestic scene that we would like to see become a standard in marriage. We recommend this position to all cuckold couples.

Could you be a bull?

Friday 11 February 2022

I regularly get enquiries from men seeking guidance on becoming a bull for cuckold couples. I do my best to encourage them as we definitely need more men who understand what we need and expect from a man taking over our husband's sexual role. Pleasingly a lot of the men are quite young and particularly keen to meet mature women recognising how rewarding this can be, not only for developing their love-making skills but for their social skills too. Mature women are much more at ease with the bodies than their younger counterparts and a young man at the height of his powers is an ideal match.

At the other end of the spectrum there have a been a considerable number of older men, often over 60, usually coming from a long term relationship that has ended and looking to restart their sex life. Having a good understanding of marriage can make them a good choice to join an existing relationship and many older couples are particularly seeking a man around their own age. Surprisingly perhaps, some quite young couples also appreciate an older man with skill and authority who can take a dominant role in their relationship.

I think as well that the lifestyle has become more welcoming to men wishing to join and provide their services to a couple. Whereas in the "old days" many couples treated the men as a resource to be used on demand and forgotten, now there is much more respect for the skills they bring. Of course many men behaved badly, and still do of course, but now we are starting to see a much more grown-up attitude and to our alternative view of marriage.

To sum up I would very much encourage men seeking a sexual relationship to seriously consider meeting a cuckold couple for some very interesting and enjoyable experiences. I would also add that an enormous penis is not always essential and many bulls have quite normal endowment, it's more about attitude and personality.

Big cock or too big cock?

Sunday 23 January 2022

The number one question I am asked by women considering cuckolding their husbands is "Am I likely to have problems accepting a large penis for the first time?". Generally women are nervous but keen for the experience whilst their husbands are, of course, avid to see a seriously large cock disappearing deep into their wives' vaginas.

I have never heard first-hand of any woman having a serious problem but it should be remembered that vaginas are like cocks in that they come in all shapes and sizes, so it is conceivable that she might be physically unable to accept all of a man's cock. It is essential that she is completely relaxed and well-aroused before penetration, quickie sex is definitely out and you should reckon on at least 20-30 minutes of clitoral stimulation. Toys can help with preparing her vagina in the days leading up to the event and during the actual foreplay, lube should also be used unsparingly!

The good news is that experienced bulls are usually very skilled at preparing their partners for penetration and it's a good reason to choose a specialist for your first big one rather than a "hopeful". I have to point out that you may be better finding a more normally endowed male for your very first time, someone who understands your particular needs and fantasies and is prepared to work with you both for many very special experiences which will ultimately give you more satisfaction than a long thick cock. The stresses of your first experience should not be underestimated and if you're nervous about your first big one perhaps save that experience until you are more able to deal with it.

However to be positive, the vagina is a wonderful organ and can stretch enormously when required. Many couples say that their first experience with a really large cock was better than anything they had imagined, slipping fully inside very easily and taking the wife to new heights of delight. My advice, you use your judgment but go for it!

All our good wishes for a happy, successful and peaceful 2022

Sunday 2 January 2022

As I write the date I cannot help thinking can it really be 2022? In some ways the last two years seem to have disappeared in a flash and sadly with so many things at a standstill it feels. All the same I am full of optimism for the coming year and I hope that for all our site visitors it will be the year that all their hopes and dreams come to fruition.

Christmas was very relaxing for my husband and I, just a quiet time on our own though we were joined by a handsome young man on Boxing Day. Despite the name there was no boxing but I did receive a really good pounding! Also I enjoyed trying out some of the interesting toys I received for Christmas.

My special good wishes go to a couple I know well who were looking forward to the husband's initiation this Christmas, so he could begin the new year as a fully fledged cuckold. Let's hope this year will be very special for all involved in the cuckold lifestyle and we will end with many more cuckolds!

Ladies, what do you call yours?

Friday 3 December 2021

What do you call your intimate location between your legs? Firstly, I don't care for the word pussy, just unbelievably twee! Young girls have pussies, I am a mature sexual woman and I have a cunt! Well, to be honest I tend use vagina or vulva where appropriate normally but when I am aroused only one word will do and I love the shock value. I know several women who believe we should reclaim the word, which is highly emotive, from the men who mainly employ it as an insult.

One word I quite like is the victorian "quim" which feels quite nice and another is "slit" which has a feeling of dominance to me. Also many of us, men and women, have nicknames for our sexual organs for example mine is Claire and I know a man who calls his penis Richard (dick!). Interesting psychology here, maybe in considering our privates as a third party we are attempting to distance ourselves from them and the behavior they lead us into which, deep inside, we have been conditioned to feel guilty about.

Some more thoughts on penis size

Saturday 5 September 2021

I have received a bumper postbag following my last post concerning penis size. Of course I should have been wary of sterotyping as I am fully aware that many couples enjoy cuckolding despite the husband being well-endowed and a skillful lover. It's quite simply the most fun you can have with your clothes off. Regardless of their endowment most men like the idea of treating their beloved to a session with an expert under their watchful eye. Observing how she reacts to stimuli and her facial expressions as she enters the throes of orgasm are very compelling for a husband and not something he can fully appreciate when he makes love to her himself.

However there is no denying that our lifestyle is heavily based on male inadequacy or at least supposed inadequacy. Many husbands are mortified, rightly or wrongly, that they cannot service their lovely wives with the large penis they think they deserve. For them cuckoldry enables them to feel they are discharging their duty albeit by proxy. Of course we should remember that there are women who cannot accept a large penis without considerable discomfort and genuinely prefer a small penis.

The penis is a wondrous organ, big or small, all as individual as their owners and all men should enjoy owning one.

Some thoughts on penis size

Friday 25 June 2021

This has been on my mind recently after we discovered that my husband has apparently shrunk over the years. In our youth I measured him at 5.5 inches fully erect but recently we discovered he is barely over 4 inches. Surprisingly he is delighted with his reduced dimensions! This is a not uncommon with cuckolds, indeed many pretend they are much smaller than they actually are.

Apparently a reduction in size over the years is quite common particularly where the man abstains from sexual intercourse. It's not a problem in itself though it may be somewhat dismaying to many.

Modern thinking on male endowment suggests that "normal" is somewhere between 4 inches and 5.2 inches. With something like 15 percent of men having 8 inches plus and 1 percent at 9 inches plus. I strongly suspect based solely on what people tell me and my years frequenting nudist venues that our perception of normal penis size is hopelessly exaggerated and that the majority of men are around 4 inches rather than the traditional six which was based on hopelessly flawed research.

Of course length isn't everything and most women consider girth much more important. Having had fantastic sex with a 5 inch man with an enormous girth that really stretched even my experienced passage I would whole heartedly concur. The good news for many "small" men is that most women don't really care how big a man's penis is when they find him attractive. Charm, wit and good looks will make a man far more likely to secure a mate than his endowment alone. It's genuinely a surprise to many how very attractive women often have tiny husbands.

My heart goes out to couples, of whom I know many, who though deeply in love find they cannot make a sexual relationship work due to the man's inadequacy. Once they begin having problems it leads to further anxiety which can have a devastating effect and cause erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Of course the services of a caring third-party male can often do wonders to repair a loving relationship where the husband is inadequate. We are fortunate to be living in an age where this is an option,

Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy year

Tuesday 12 January 2021

I have recently been contacted by a young man asking for advice on becoming a bull for cuckold couples, something that happens to me regularly, it's a very worthy ambition and I am always keen to offer help and encouragement. The last few years has seen a sharp increase in couples hoping to welcome a capable guest male to their bedroom and we really need more well-equipped and proficient men confident to take the bull role.

I would say that the number one a quality a bull needs is an understanding of what it means to be in close relationship and the wife's motivations for cuckolding her husband.

Unlike years back aspiring couples now, are not generally experienced swingers and often have no prior experience of sexual lifestyle pursuits. Usually they are in their forties and looking to enhance their love life. It is not unusual for wives to have little or no experience of giving oral pleasure to a man and, whether they know it or not, they need a man to take charge and train them over the course of several sessions.

Couples do have high expectations of their bull and it has to be said that it's not an easy role and for a newcomer it can be quite difficult to make a start.

Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy year

Tuesday 12 January 2021

We are well used to receiving criticism on this site from people who take a more, shall we say, traditional view of the institution of marriage. Of course that is very much their right and they may well have a point but we do consider it unfair as we feel we are very much pro-marriage. We believe that men and women should form a lasting bond and raise children in a loving home. However we have to face the reality that, in the modern world, marriage is just not working and maybe that is not altogether a bad thing in some ways.

A man and a woman beginning married life have many challenges facing them not least of which is that one partner is a man and the other woman. Two more different viewpoints on sex and relationships it is hard to imagine. Somehow they have to find a common purpose and go forward, of course for many this sadly doesn't happen and the relationship ends with mutual recriminations.

Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy year

Tuesday 12 January 2021

We are living through very difficult times and it looks like we will have to deal with the fallout for many years to come. However, if we learn from history, terrible events can also bring about beneficial change in some areas of life and I very much hope that will be the case with the current situation. Though, at the moment sexual fulfilment is the least of our worries it could be a good time to consider the future and decide what is important to us in life.

The current situation could well be the time for husbands to have that little talk with their wives or indeed, as is happening more and more, for wives to tell their husbands how things are going to change.

I hope you all stay safe and well and let's all hope things will improve this year.

A talk to a local group

Saturday 21 November 2020

I had a very interesting experience last year when I was invited to give a small informal talk with some members of a cuckold support group. Founded by three experienced couples they now have a membership of around 14 couples, some yet to make the move to a cuckold marriage. They offer advice and counselling to both partners in the period leading up to the husband's initiation and afterwards as he adapts to his new role.

The evening was arranged and hosted by "Four" and his lovely wife, both enthusiastic cuckolders for some years. "Four", as everyone refers to him, got his nickname from the length of his male endowment and is very proud of having his cuckold status regularly confirmed!

Four couples and three lone husbands turned up and I gave a small talk covering my views on the lifestyle, the benefits of social nudity for couples and some of the practical problems of cuckolding your husband such as discretion where friends and relatives are concerned. Not forgetting some of the great benefits.

After I had said my piece I threw it open to questions and it became a free and flowing discussion with some very interesting points raised. We were then served some food and drinks and split up into groups to continue discussing the points raised.

My cuckold accompanied me and had a very enjoyable time chatting to the other husbands about their various adventures. Meanwhile I met a very interesting couple who had got married specifically to have a cuckold relationship. They are both corporate lawyers, Avril is 41 and divorced while Tony is 57 and a widower, they bonded over a mutual love of opera and many other shared interests. Unfortunately some health problems a while back have left Tony otherwise well but unable to consummate their marriage which was a problem for Avril who admits to a strong libido. So they opted to make Tony a member of the ancient order of cuckolds. She tells me that she very much appreciates the advantage of having a loyal supportive husband who encourages her to enjoy a full sex life with other partners. They tell me it has all gone very well with only some minor hiccups along the way. We have resolved to keep in touch and I'm hoping they will become good friends.

All in all a very stimulating and enjoyable evening. As my husband often says talking about it is almost as much fun as doing it (well maybe not quite!).

Another birthday.....

Saturday 14 November 2020

Well, it would have been my birthday except I have given them up and decided getting older is not for me! Under the current circumstances a very boring day, unfortunately. I did get a bumper delivery of cards, some a bit naughty, many lovely presents including some new toys which my husband and I enjoyed trying out!

My most memorable birthday ever was when my husband organised three studs, who had all distinguished themselves in my bed when they were younger, to come along and help me celebrate. In the intervening period two of them had got married but nevertheless were keen to relive old times with me.

It was my first time, and so far the only time, I have taken on three men together though I very much enjoy two man threesomes. Generally I think two men and a woman is optimal but it all went very well with everyone playing their part and being supportive to the others with no one feeling like a spare cock. It was a very strenuous but enjoyable afternoon all round though I did experience some vaginal soreness afterwards!

It was an awesome sight seeing three large cocks pointed at me each with a red ribbon around tied in a bow. As well as some seriously sensuous delights such as both breasts sucked simultaneous while a tongue was applied to my rampant clitoris. I enjoyed a good spit-roasting and was pleased to find none of my students had forgotten what I had taught them. My husband was kept busy rolling on condoms and serving glasses of champagne while safely under lock and key.

Some time ago now, I'm not sure I would be up to it now. Oh well, I have my memories!

Should you cuckold your husband?

Saturday 7 November 2020

I am often asked "Should I agree to cuckold my husband?". It's a question I never answer directly except to say that if you are seeking to explore the role that sex plays in your relationship then it is well worth considering. If you are ready and willing to challenge the rules society has laid down for you and perhaps change the way you and your husband perceive each other then yes I would say it is definitely for you.

Women generally find that enjoying new and interesting sexual partners, with their husbands approval, is tremendously liberating and very empowering. Of course if your husband finds sex slightly "challenging" then it takes things to a whole new level. Don't, however, forget that being cuckolded is a very intense experience for the man as well and whereas the female can return to being a faithful wife her husband will forever be a cuckold.

I should also mention that it's extremely rare for a husband who has the desire to be cuckolded to reactive negatively during his initiation or afterwards. They are normally extremely amenable to the new reality in their lives. All men carry the cuckold gene though in many it lies dormant until triggered. I say to all wives, cuckold your husband and become stronger and more secure in your relationship.

Standard warning: be sure you have a strong relationship, good communication between you and really consider all aspects before taking the plunge.

Hope you are all keeping safe and well

Friday 14 August 2020

This terrible virus has caused terrible disruption in all our lives and, though we are all hoping for a speedy return to normality, I fear it may be quite some time before that happens. If indeed we ever do return to how things were only last year.

Our lifestyle like most other things is much affected and it's an open question whether it will emerge from all this stronger and fitter or be set back considerably. I'm hearing a lot about wives who went into lockdown with their boyfriends having moved into the marital home but others, less fortunate, have been missing out - myself included! I'm sure we will all be much more thankful for what the lifestyle gives us once we can all socialize again. Maybe this will be the trigger that moves our lifestyle closer to real acceptance.

I really hope we will see some positive signs of hope for the future before long. In the meantime everyone please keep safe and well.

Merry Christmas and a very happy new year

Friday 27 December 2019

Another year nearly over, where has the time gone? There have been some big events in my life and regrettably I have not found the time to blog for which I can only apologise and resolve, yet again, to try and do better.

However I am as committed to cuckolding as ever and see it as very much the saviour of marriage as we progress into the 21st century. During the year my husband has been cuckolded by four new men and I'm pleased to say that I am enjoying sex as much as I have ever done. Of course I have to thank my loving husband for all his help and support and for playing and developing his role so well. All of us wives seriously involved in this lifestyle understand how difficult, confusing and upsetting it can sometimes be for our number one man.

My hope for the year ahead is that all the husbands living in the hope of becoming cuckolds will at least make it clear to their wives that they are giving them a choice which, should they wish to exercise it, they will give them their full and loving support. Wish you all every happiness and sexual fulfilment.

Big changes taking place

Wednesday 29 August 2018

As I write this it's pouring with rain outside, so I am taking the opportunity to sit down and update my blog. Everything is about to change in my life with the announcement a few weeks ago that my daughter Sue and my long term lover Peter have decided they want to get married.

My overwhelming emotion is happiness for them both and pleasure that Peter will become a permanent member of the family. I have always felt rather guilty that he has not found a girl his own age to settle down with but he has always assured me he preferred mature women and especially taking the Bull role for a couple. He has been regularly servicing two other wives but sadly these arrangements are now due to end soon.

All rather complicated as Peter and I have been carrying on with our regular coupling whilst he has been regularly servicing my daughter, with our full knowledge. Preferring to jump before being pushed I have decided to bow out and acknowledge we have had our time together. With some sadness as our years with Peter have been some of the happiest in my marriage.

In many ways I feel I am beginning a new interesting chapter in my life and I feel more confident than ever as a cuckoldress. For a while now I have had a new young man in my life and he is very keen and enthusiastic. Though it's early days, we haven't integrated him fully into our marriage as yet, I feel every confidence he will become a magnificent bull.

An apology and an update

Saturday 24 February 2018

I can only apologise for my intermittent blogging over the last couple of years but I hope I can compensate this year. Many people have enquired whether I will be continuing my blog, so I have been motivated to do better. Also I have recently become friendly with a rather nice cuckold who has made me think afresh about the role of cuckolding in 21st century relationships. I do really believe that a cuckold relationship is very natural for women and can revitalise a relationship particularly for mature couples.

Of course there is no denying that cuckolding does complicate your life and we have had a few crises of faith over the last year. My daughter Sue moving back in with us has not been too easy. She is currently separated from her husband and it now seems unlikely there will be a reconciliation. Sue had already guessed that the handsome young man living with us was more than just a friend to me though my husband David was unaware she knew and we had to all sit down and officially let her into our confidence.

Events took a yet more complicated turn when Sue began having sex with Peter last Summer though I suspected it might happen, it was still a surprise as Peter has never shown any real interest in young women. Still I would much rather she was serviced by Peter, who she knows is intimate with other women, than take up with another unsuitable man. My husband found the situation difficult at first but I firmly believe in not over-thinking these things and in fact it is working out quite well. It's a core tenet of our lifestyle that sexual relationships should be non-exclusive but it has all been rather testing.

Happy New Year

Wednesday 4 January 2017

Firstly, let me wish all our site visitors a very happy and, I hope, successful and fulfilling new year.

Secondly, I must apologise yet again for my dismal failure to maintain my blog. My new year's resolution is to do better and now that some of the problems of the last year I behind me I will do my best to bring everyone up to speed with developments.

We also welcome our new web designer Roger to the team. He is a highly experienced web professional who joined the lifestyle with his wife 18 months ago and is now an enthusiastic cuckold. We feel very fortunate to have his services.

Whatever 'style' of cuckolding you favour we hope you enjoy our site and wish you every happiness pursuing it. Let's hope 2017 is a really great year!

An unexpected complication

Monday 2 May 2016

My youngest daughter Sue is visiting for the holiday weekend. I am always pleased to see her of course, of the three she is probably the one I am closest to and the one most like me. She knows all about Peter being my lover rather than being a lodger as we tell most people, though her father doesn't know that she knows, at least for the moment. She had guessed and when she asked me outright I didn't want to lie.

Sue has been separated from her husband Clive for several months following his affair with a co-worker coming to light. I had feared for their marriage after Clive made a serious play for me about 18 months ago, personally I would have made him wear a chastity cage!

Now she has asked if she can move back in with us so she can rent out her house for some much needed cash. Much as I would like to have her back with us it will mean some turmoil in our, up to now, well-ordered life. However Under the circumstances I don't see how I can refuse her. Interesting times!

The bare necessities of life

Saturday 30 April 2016

Those of you I have been in contact with may be aware that I am a staunch advocate of the benefits of social nudity. That is men and women getting together in their leisure time and opting not to wear clothes. Often referred to as nudism but we prefer the term naturism. For anyone wondering, this is not something to do with sex and sexual displays are frowned upon at traditional naturist clubs.

I believe married couples, especially newly weds, should spend as much time as possible naked together, just doing normal things, and getting accustomed to each other's bodies. My husband and I have practised naturism all our married life, at home as well as being members of our local naturist club. We raised our three daughters to believe nakedness is completely natural. Being naked is just extremely comfortable and I love the feel of a breeze against my body and the sun on my skin.

Of course, though we believe overt sexual activity and social nudity should be kept separate that doesn't mean we don't appreciate the sight of an attractive man or woman. I really enjoy meeting an attractive man and being able to see all of him and have him see all of me, it just feels very open and honest.

The history and future of cuckolding

Saturday 16 April 2016

Way back in the middle ages the term "cuckold" was one of the worst insults that could be flung at a man. Many men, especially politicians and petty officials, were called cuckolds despite having completely faithful wives, it was a general purpose insult that implied a man was lacking in competence in all areas and generally ridiculous. In those days a man's wife was considered his chattel or possession and the reasoning went this way: if he couldn't control his own property he couldn't very well be trusted with anything important.

These days it seems we are stuck with this outdated term to describe what is really a very much needed rethinking of what a marriage should really be about, finding a reliable partner who can provide stability and security rather than about sex. A stable marriage leads to prosperity and provides a good environment to raise well-adjusted children.

In some ways marriage does not seem to have progressed much since the middle ages with the wife viewed as the sexual property of her husband. How much better it would be for a marriage to be about mutual bonding with the focus on the wife's sexual needs and the husband achieving his own satisfaction through helping his wife fill those needs, with a third party if necessary.

We are many years away from a cuckold marriage becoming the norm however the number of couples in the lifestyle has increased dramatically in the last few years and interest has never been higher. Importantly more and more women are becoming aware that there is another option. Already we are hearing of couples marrying with agreement that the husband will be cuckolded. We will watch with interest!

Send us a picture of your cuckold

Wednesday 23 March 2016

We were not expecting a huge response to our request for handsome cuckold pictures but we have had a very nice one which we are pleased to share with you on our new Gallery page. Take a look and send us your comments.

Some advice for wannabe cuckolds

Saturday 19 March 2016

If your dearest wish is to become a cuckold and you have not, as yet, told your beloved wife then you have a lot of preparation to do first. If you want to be a fully-fledged cuckold in two years time then, make no mistake, you need to start the process now!

There are various guides available online, some free some not, and often they claim "they can convince any woman to cuckold her man". A big claim and as a general rule I would say this is true but it make a long time in some cases. Though they may claim that your demure wife will be transformed into a sex craving cuckoldress inside three weeks, common-sense should tell you this isn't realistically likely to happen! You need to play a long game and start laying the foundations for your future cuckolding now.

A would be cuckold is seeking to empower his wife to the point where she will have the confidence to consider taking a lover and know she will have her husband's approval. How long this process will take will naturally depend on how dominant she naturally is. Once she realises her husband will yield to her wishes then the process builds momentum.

Start now by showing her you value her opinion and input. Most guides will suggest you start small arguments on shaky ground then admit defeat - a generally good tactic you can build on. Remember any guide is just that, just a guide - you are the one who knows his wife's strengths and weaknesses. This is not to suggest you manipulate your wife, just to make her receptive when you sit down together for "the chat".

Mysteries of the female orgasm

Saturday 12 March 2016

Statistical surveys tell us that only about a quarter of women are able to reach an orgasm through penetrative sex. We are also told that half of the non-orgasming women are not unhappy about the situation. Of course we cannot know whether they are being truthful!

These woeful statistics could surely be improved if men were not in such a hurry to commence full intercourse before preparation was complete. As a guide, the man should never insert his penis until the woman has achieved at least one orgasm. Basically there should be more foreplay and communication is vital, the woman must let the man know how she likes to be pleased. I suggest that couples choose a time for love-making when they will have no time constraints and agree that there will be no penetration for at least 30 minutes, for example.

The man should devote this time to getting to know what the clitoris enjoys and experimenting how best to stimulate it. He can use his tongue and/or fingers with lube and try and be inventive all the time receiving feedback and guidance from the woman. Maybe try tribbing, popular with lesbians but fun for straight couples too, she sits on her partner's thigh and rubs her vulva against it. The important thing is to relax and not see an orgasm as a goal but just enjoy the sensations.

The clitoris is an amazing little thing, incredibly sensitive and with no other purpose than to give it's owner pleasure and time spent learning how to stimulate it will reap enormous benefits. It's not easy, as what pleases a woman when she is in the right mood may do nothing for her at other times, so it's vital for her to send out signals and for the man to interpret them.

Women do vary greatly in regard to the ease with which they reach orgasm, some can just think themselves there whilst others need a long session with a vibrator. It does seem to be the case that the more her body gets accustomed to orgasms the easier they are to facilitate. It's widely agreed that regular orgasms bring great benefits to a woman's health and well-being as well as being very enjoyable.

Show off your cuckold!

Friday 4 March 2016

There are some seriously attractive ladies in our lifestyle and not surprisingly a lot of you have very good looking husbands. Alright, you may have decided for whatever reason to find a replacement for some of his duties but I'm sure most of you are proud of your cuckold.

So girls, why not share your hunky cuckold? Send us a nice photo and we will start a small gallery and there may be a prize, we'll see!

Here's what we are looking for no fully clothed pictures, panties acceptable and he must be holding a sign saying "Proud to be her Cuckold" - you can just write it on a sheet of paper. Obscured faces, no problem stay anonymous. You can upload images via our Contact page. Please include a statement agreeing that we can put the photo on our site and any information you care to share!

Small Penis Relationships Blog has closed

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Bad news for all of us that enjoyed Steve and Hottie's well-written and informative blog, they have apparently closed it down and vanished from the online world. When we added their blog to our Links page it rapidly rose to be our most-followed link, beating the esteemed cuckoldmarriage site into second place.

Steve and Hottie both wrote for the blog and their thoughtful and considered articles definitely helped those who felt a small penis to be an issue in their marriage. Whether Steve really longed for Hottie to cuckold him for real rather than with a large dildo I was never entirely clear, perhaps Steve wasn't either! We wish them well and hope they will make a return at some point.

Should you consider chastity?

Saturday 27 February 2016

Our first real bull had two unbreakable rules, the cuckold must always be naked and wearing a chastity device. So, when we progressed to the marital bed stage of our relationship, my husband had to be naked and locked up in his CB6000 well in advance of his expected arrival ready to give him admittance.

It was all good fun at the time but John the bull understood very well the psychology of the cuckold. He reinforced my husband's acceptance of his role and prevented any sexual response. Without the distraction of masturbation his full attention was thus focused on the sex. Many men feel a lot more comfortable watching if they are unable to join in and, as I said, you know your pleasure will have his full concentration!

Winter blues......

Saturday 20 February 2016

More dreary, wet and windy weather this weekend and my mood isn't helped by my lover, Peter, spending the weekend with my best friend Jasmine. This is becoming something of a regular occurrence and though we are best friends I am feeling, not jealous exactly, but certainly I am missing him!

Peter and I are very close after several years together and I think of him almost as a son even though we have a sexual relationship. He is the most successful of several young men I have attempted to train in bedroom skills and despite his lack of experience when we first met has become a skilled lover. Sexually, he is only interested in older women and I have enjoyed "lending" him to several of my friends for extra experience over the years.

When we first met Peter I knew he had some special quality, I remember remarking to my husband that he could be the one we had been searching for to make our dream of a long term relationship come true. Over the years he has really become a part of our marriage and his absence today has made me realise how much I would miss him if he moved on.

The history and future of cuckolding

Saturday 6 February 2016

It seems from the many articles that are appearing on mainstream websites and in the press that awareness of cuckolding as a lifestyle is on the increase. Apparently it is the most searched for term on Google. Of course cuckolding, even the modern definition, is nothing new and is probably as old as marriage. I have heard of couples engaged in the lifestyle back in the 1970's. In fact, as a teenager, my family lived next door to a woman who openly had a boyfriend, an early influence on my life!

With the coming of the Internet, and the explosion of the amount of information available to people, awareness has grown of what the cuckold lifestyle can offer to couples in differing circumstances. Particularly women are increasingly becoming aware they have options when sex with their partner is unsatisfactory or not possible.

The surge of interest in cuckolding was initially led by swingers, with their openness to new thinking on human sexuality, but we are increasingly seeing many and varied couples with no previous experience of sexual lifestyle pursuits getting involved. The fact is marriage, as we know it, doesn't work for many people. An institution intended to promote stability in society and, perhaps more importantly, the workforce seems to do the opposite.

With a cuckold marriage or what is sometimes termed a female led relationship (FLR) the wife's sexuality and needs are paramount. The ease with which wives adapt to this lifestyle supported by the husbands suggests this a way of life that is more natural to us than the one forced on us by society. There are stories of couples getting together with the explicit intention that the husband will be cuckolded. This is an ideal arrangement for women desiring to continue a varied sex life whilst enjoying a stable relationship.

The lifestyle has come a long way in a short time and future progress is likely to be evener faster, I wonder how long before cuckolding is spoken of openly and even becomes mainstream?

My husband's birthday

Saturday 23 January 2016

My husband and I are devoted to each other and we each like to give the other a special day on the anniversary of their birth. Now a bit of a tradition it all started when David arranged a small surprise party for me a few years ago.

So this morning I am up early and slipping into my new sexy fishnet bodystocking to give him a wake up call he won't forget. Once I have woken him, I peel off his pyjamas and get to work on his cock, a blow job to completion is my plan. Feeling quite horny I am more than agreeable when he suggests changing to the 69 position. It doesn't take very long before he comes but he continues to pleasure me. He is very expert and knows me so well, I have a wonderful orgasm to start the day.

Then it's on with a robe and downstairs to prepare him a full breakfast in bed, well second breakfast! Every good cuckold needs rewarding as I always tell the wives.

Late, we have lunch at a local restaurant with a small group of friends, Jasmine, her husband Geoff, Danielle, her husband Martin, Danielle's lover Tony plus my lover Peter. Interestingly, all three husbands have been cuckolded by Peter, how delicious!

Cuckold Motivation

Wednesday 13 January 2016

I always enjoy talking to cuckolds about their experiences and feelings. They always seem very keen to talk as if it helps them make sense of the conflicting emotions that goes with their chosen role.

Over Christmas we caught up with a couple we have known for over ten years and have been cuckolding for the last three. In many ways Mike and Julia are typical of many couples in the lifestyle, in their late forties, children left home, looking to explore their sexuality. Julia has a younger lover who takes her out on dates without Mike and visits their home to have sex with her in the marital bed observed by Mike.

Yet it may surprise many people that Mike is well-endowed as well as a skilled lover, which his wife has privately confirmed to me. He tells me he has no interest in other women and would never be unfaithful to his beautiful wife.

Like many cuckolds Mike remembers vividly the moment he became a full cuckold, he had a clear view of the moment of penetration as his wife was taken in the doggy position in front of him.

"The moment I became a proper cuckold was incredibly powerful seeing his penis slide slowly into Julia's wet vagina. Strange as I had already watched her kissing him and having her breasts fondled plus their oral sex foreplay, yet that didn't make me feel so completely a cuckold. I know they call it cuckold angst I felt diminished as a man by allowing him to take my wife while I meekly watched and ashamed that I was so aroused by the act, my penis was absolutely rigid. I also thought my wife would feel some contempt for me but that felt good to me, I have always worshipped her and felt slightly unworthy of her." he told me.

Interestingly Mike and Julia celebrate the anniversary of his cuckolding on an equal par with their wedding anniversary.

Happy New Year!

Sunday 10 January 2016

Thank you to all the visitors to our site and for all the feedback we have received, especially the constructive criticism! We hope 2016 will be a special year for those contemplating their first cuckolding experience as well as for more experienced couples.

We are pleased to welcome a new couple to the small group who make this site work, Danielle and her cuckold Martin. They have many years experience and are eloquent advocates of our lifestyle and it's benefits. We hope their knowledge and expertise will help take us to new levels after the difficulties we experienced last year.

Interesting ideas on sex education

Saturday 8 November 2014

Ann-Marlene Henning is a Danish neuropsychologist and sex counsellor who has some ideas on children's sex education which are bound to cause a horrified reaction. However I think they have much merit. She believes they should be shown pictures of ordinary people being sexual rather than internet type porn which she believes is too impersonal. She has a new book out, "Sex & Lovers: A Practical Guide" which I plan to add to my reading list. Her book outlines her theories and contains explicit photos of sexual acts. She believes sex is a normal part of life and should be discussed normally and sensibly. Well sadly, I can't see that happening any time soon!

I remember the sex education lessons we had to endure at school from rather embarrassed specialists brought in to inform us. Of course they couldn't tell us anything that would have been helpful or we would have all been out fucking like rabbits or so they thought. It was a total farce!

Making plans for initiating a new cuckold

Saturday 11 October 2014

The big day has arrived. Our main bedroom has been prepared for the ceremonial cuckolding to take place. I am very excited about what will happen at our house today and I genuinely believe it to be a very positive thing for their relationship and hope their big day will be just that for all involved.

We have arranged that Geoff and Jasmine will arrive at our house around 3pm then some have some relaxing drinks before they go to the bedroom with Peter. I'm greatly relieved when we hear their car pull into the driveway. Jasmine looks incredibly sexy in a tight dress cut very low and high heels. We all exchange greetings and Peter takes Jasmine in his arms giving her a passionate kiss before leading her through to the living room.

I take Geoff upstairs to show him where he will become a cuckold and to give him some last minute reassurance and advice. He has the demeanour of a man who is not happy but is resigned to his lot. We have placed a chair next to the bed so he can watch his cuckolding plus a camera to record events. He seems understandably apprehensive and I suggest that now might be a good time for him to undress so he can be naked when his wife and her new lover arrive. He looks rather confused so I remind him he needs to do as he's told today and he should take his clothes off. Personally I'm disappointed that we aren't all naked at this stage and have no intention of staying fully dressed, so I lead the way and start undressing and Geoff follows. He's embarrassed to be undressing in front of me but wisely decides things won't be getting any easier today and we are soon both naked. He has a really nice physique apart from his male organ being quite small. I reassure him again that his wife will feel only gratitude to him for making this experience possible for her and that when all is said and done it's only sex.

I return downstairs to find Peter and Jasmine still in a passionate embrace, momentarily I feel a pang of jealousy but I realise it is not appropriate. She is surprised to see I'm naked but Peter tells her I rarely wear anything around the house. I tell her it would be rather delicious if she went upstairs naked to join her husband. She looks interested by that idea and I ask her if she's ready and she nods. I give her a kiss and a hug, wish her luck and send them upstairs. The next two hours pass very slowly, occasionally I would go their bedroom door and could hear Jasmine's low moans of pleasure. At one point there were some loud screams but I have to control myself and not rush in. I feel I should be there offering advice but reassure myself that neither Geoff or Jasmine have fled the bedroom so things must be going fairly well.

Eventually, after things have been quiet for a while, my husband and I knock on the bedroom door and ask for entry with celebratory champagne. We're allowed in to see Peter and Jasmine with big smiles cuddled up together in the bed with Geoff along side in his chair, looking slightly forlorn, with a towel covering his genitals.

We are all slightly ill at ease together toasting the happy couple and I realise that perhaps this was not the good idea I hoped it would be. Geoff seems quite distraught so I decide to take him away and try and comfort him as best I can. For my part I feel quite strange and not at all how I expected, a reminder that we are unleashing some dangerous emotions. Alone with Geoff he tells me how difficult it was to watch the wife he loves submit to another man while at the same time feeling a great joy and relief that he had achieved his ambition to be a real cuckold. He was shocked too by how absorbed Jasmine became in the sex and also he tells me how humbled he felt by his inability to stimulate that response from her himself.

Geoff seems so down that I can't stop myself giving him a reassuring hug. It's quite enjoyable due to us still being naked and Geoff's little penis responds by becoming erect and I can't resist taking him in my hand. He's quite small even fully erect, not more than about four inches, but I'm surprised how nice his organ looks. It doesn't take much to put me in the mood and I start stroking him faster and faster. Suddenly he groans and sprays a small quantity of semen over me. Geoff agrees it will be our little secret but I'm slightly shaken.

We finished the day by all going out to dinner, all of us slightly unsettled in our different ways.

Making plans for initiating a new cuckold

Thursday 9 October 2014

The telephone has been red hot all week with discussions about our little get together today. Our friend's, Geoff and Jasmine, will be initiated into cuckoldry today by my live-in lover Peter. Though somewhat embarrassed that they will have their first sexual adventure at our house they can also see the many benefits.

My first suggestion that we should have a nude party and all watch as Jasmine cuckolds Geoff for the first time was, unfortunately, rejected by them. I'm disappointed but can understand they would like something a little more intimate.

When I met Jasmine earlier in the week and she admitted her misgivings about this big event in their marriage but that she was desperate for sex and keener than ever to start on the journey to a full cuckold marriage. I reassured her that it was, at the end of the day, just sex and that she would really enjoy herself.

Return visit to some friends

Saturday 4 October 2014

We go to dinner at Geoff and Jasmine's home - an invitation I was very keen to accept. Jasmine's husband has, following our last meeting, become very much more enthusiastic about becoming a full fledged cuckold. Jasmine is very excited that he is now fully committed and positive and very keen for more advice. Of course, we cuckolders, do love talking about it!

Over dinner we discuss many aspects of how the lifestyle works at a practical level. Eventually I suggest to Jasmine that my lover Peter is very attracted to her and would love to be her first and we would be thrilled if they would consummate the act at our house, we would help make it an occasion to remember.

Jasmine blushed deeply but I can tell she is keen. She is a little surprised I am happy to share my lover but I have lent him out to friends in need on several past occasions. I think as a bull he should be allowed to enjoy other women, it would be hypocritical of me otherwise. Though they are both surprised by my offer they are very interested and Jasmine tells me, when we are alone, that, though she is nervous, she is very keen to accept.

We leave them to think about our suggestion, I know this will be a big step for them as a couple.

Wanted: A more inspiring term than "cuckolding"

Thursday 2 October 2014

Back in the day "swinging" was called "wife-swapping" and what a grubby, seedy image that term conjured up! Then someone decided swinging sounded a lot more alluring and positive.

Though it will always be wife-swapping to some die-hard prudes, the term swinging is now firmly established and, to me at least, evokes images of tall elegant ladies in stockings and heels.

Our next task is to do a similar rebranding job on cuckolding! Yes it can be done and best we start now, suggestions please.

Dinner with friends

Saturday 20 September 2014

Though I have seen a lot of Jasmine recently I have never met her cuckold (as I now feel safe calling him) and as my lover, Peter, had an engagement to attend it seemed a good opportunity to have them over to dinner. Jasmine thinks it could be very helpful for our respective cuckolds to have a chat.

Jasmine's cuckold, Geoff, is nothing like we had imagined tall, slim, handsome and charming. He looks years younger than his age of 63, very attractive man I thought, even more of a shame he is unable to satisfy his lovely younger wife sexually, he's very small and also has trouble maintaining his erection. I know it has been difficult for them both.

When we entertain couples considering the lifestyle we always try and each chat to each of the others separately. Of course Jasmine and I are already confidantes but my husband takes Geoff aside and they have a long chat. Later I have a chat with Geoff on his own while my husband takes the opportunity to discuss his cuckold role with Jasmine, later she confides that he has reassured her on several points.

When I talk to Geoff at first he is quite embarrassed at first to be discussing his cuckold future with me but he has accepted, as prospective cuckolds do, that it will happen and soon he's talking freely. He tells me he feels his wife deserves a real man and he can't wait to see her accept a big penis, Jasmine has told him he has to be there when she makes him a cuckold. Of course I reassure him that they will both enjoy the experience and that his wife will feel only gratitude to him. I do really believe that.

Over dinner we discuss the lighter side of cuckolding and some of the dilemmas that need to be faced when a woman has two men in her life. Pleasingly Geoff and Jasmine seem quite at ease discussing their pending entry to the lifestyle.

After dinner we spend ages chatting till Peter comes home and I introduce him. Geoff and Jasmine seem thrilled but slightly embarrassed to meet Peter, knowing he is my bull, but soon seem quite relaxed as we are all so relaxed about our situation.

Afterwards in bed I ask Peter what he thinks of Jasmine, he is very attracted he tells me. I have a very interesting idea I tell him and I can tell by his smile he can guess what it is!

Lunch with a friend

Friday 22 August 2014

Jasmine has become a firm friend of mine and we have been spending quite a lot of time together over the last few months. Regular readers may remember she and her husband are contemplating their first big step into the cuckold lifestyle. Though I think it's safe to say it's when not if her husband becomes a cuckold from what she tells me! Only the want of a suitable man is standing in the way.

I'm on my own today so I've taken the opportunity to invite her over for lunch and a girls chat. She's very keen to make a start in the lifestyle and fulfil her husband's wish to see her being serviced by a "real man", however all the applicants have been disappointing so far. My advice to her is be selective and wait as long as you have until you're really sure. I'm very impressed by her sensible attitude to the lifestyle.

Over lunch we rather overdo the Chardonnay and the talk turns to men and sex. I hear all about her husband's tiny penis and premature ejaculation problem, poor man. Not unfamiliar complaints to my ears though! Then we move on to recount our favourite fantasies and Jasmine has some really wild ones.

Feeling rather horny after the talk about men I show her some pictures from our private family album, my husband loves a visual record, quite a lot of me naked with my various lovers. She loves the nude pictures of Peter, particularly the ones where he is aroused, he really does look spectacular and very male!

Feeling reckless and slightly drunk I then show her one of our home movies which she watches with her mouth wide open.

"You're so lucky to have such a gorgeous man" she tells me and I have to agree.

After she leaves an exciting idea occurs to me, which I will keep to myself for now.

In praise of younger men

Thursday 24 July 2014

I definitely enjoy having a young man in my bed. It's not just their lean fit bodies and lovely skin tone, though they are very much a plus, but their sheer enthusiasm for sex and how easily they are aroused.

I am a big fan of sex across the generation gap, not just for young men with older women but young women with older men. I remember when I was at college and started seeing a gorgeous man in his late thirties, the sex was a revelation! He was just so experienced and proficient, it took everything to a whole new level.

It's a shame that most people's first experience of sex is generally with someone who has no more idea about it than they do. What a brilliant idea it would be to pair up young virgins, male and female, with an older experienced partner who would train them in love making skills. Within a few years a whole new generation of happy fulfilled people, peace and tolerance abounds!

Actually you do hear stories, usually about the french and probably apocryphal, of an older female family friend being entrusted with a young man's sexual education. It would be an even better idea for young women!

Cuckolding is a natural lifestyle

Wednesday 25 June 2014

When I am in contact with couples who have been cuckolding for a while they nearly all tell me how surprised they are by how natural it now seems. Usually they add that they wish they had started years before. Sadly emphasis on some of the more lurid aspects of our lifestyle do put off many couples who have previously had an unadventurous sex life.

Society has conditioned us all to believe that cuckolding is outrageous and that a monogamous pairing should be the norm in life. Mainly, in my view, so that we would all be better wage slaves! For better or for worse we don't feel bound by these sexual restraints in the way we did years ago. Liaisons between young and old, in years gone by considered acceptable for older men but not older women, are now increasingly common place. Indeed many young men starting out with sex view older women as aspirational and even welcome an invitation to join a married couple in their bedroom.

Increasingly, particularly with sex, many older women are feeling they have missed out in their youth, they are still attractive and want to make up for lost time. Fortunately for them they now have the opportunities. Cuckolding is an attractive option that enables women to enjoy a rewarding sex life while maintaining and hopefully enhancing their existing long term relationship. Cuckold husbands love to see their wives well satisfied!

The ideal of the cuckold lifestyle?

Thursday 15 May 2014

From time to time I get requests, usually from men but increasingly from women, asking for advice on becoming a cuckold couple. I try not to give advice. I prefer to outline the options as I perceive them and let people make their own decisions.

I believe a cuckold relationship can be very rewarding and that most couples would benefit from giving it a try. Having said that it's no different from a conventional marriage, you will get out in proportion to what you put in. All three of you will need to work at it!

Here's my recipe for happy cuckolding. I believe that the wife should, with her husband's consent, take a long term lover to satisfy all her sexual needs. Once this happens the husband should not penetrate her ever, only her lover is permitted access. It's important that the wife involves her husband and he should be present, and naked, when intercourse takes place with her lover. He may give oral pleasure to either partner if called upon. Many cuckolds particularly enjoy post-coital cunnilingus.

A caring and sensitive lover will take the wife on a voyage of sexual discovery which will enhance her relationship with her cuckold. Exploring the three-way dynamic of wife to lover to cuckold is the crux of a cuckold relationship. It surprises many couples how natural it feels even the first time they do it. Each participant is searching for their own fulfilment in their own way, the cuckold and the lover are not rivals but seeking a different type of satisfaction.

Watching his wife receive an intense sexual experience is deeply emotional for the cuckold, equally so for the wife to have her cuckold there with her.

You're only as old as you feel.........

Saturday 26 April 2014

I have received an interesting letter from a lady whose husband would love to be cuckolded. She is eager to do so too, which is a great, but she's 64 and wonders how successful she will be in finding a regular bull aged over 45.

I know at least 5 ladies over 60 in the lifestyle, though they don't all admit to being that old! They all have younger, in two cases much younger, lovers. Obviously there has to be an attraction but I see no reason why younger men should not succumb to the allure of a sophisticated older women. From her description she sounds very attractive. I have told her I think it's wonderful she is interested in taking a younger lover and she could go for an even younger man. I have suggested a good website that should reassure her.

Sadly many who would greatly benefit from the lifestyle don't have the self confidence to give it a try. There's nothing like sex with a younger man to boost a woman's self-esteem!

Finding a Bull

Thursday 24 April 2014

Many husbands believe that once they convince their wife to try cuckolding them that it's going to be non-stop bedroom fun from then on. Unfortunately it isn't that easy to find a suitable man who knows what is expected from him and can also deliver.

Approaching social acquaintances surprisingly does often work but obviously can be problematic. Swinger contact sites are probably the best method. The larger ones normally have special interest groups such as bondage, latex (mmmmm) etc and these days you would expect to find a cuckolding group. The chatroom can be a good place to make friends with other similarly inclined couples and get some guidance. However couples can expect to be swamped by messages from single males who often know nothing about cuckolding or who are just plain timewasters. My main hate is men who say "I live close and can come round in half an hour", I know I'm not alone in this. Of course there are those who agree to meet but just don't turn up.

Most contact sites have some sort of feedback/validation system which enables other members to leave comments about those they have met. It can be a very valuable way to see who can genuinely be relied upon to do what they say. Don't be pressurised into meeting before you feel ready, take your time. Have social only meetings and get to know your potential bull. Genuine bulls will understand your concerns. Happy hunting!

Lunch with a possible new lady

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Some nice spring sun today and I met a very nice lady for lunch. Jasmine is a lovely lady of 49 with whom I have been exchanging emails for a few months now, so it seemed a good idea to finally meet and chat face to face.

A while back Jasmine's older husband confessed his long-held desire for her to cuckold him, much to her surprise and shock. To her credit, she took this on board and has been very positive about possibly joining the lifestyle. When she first contacted me she was so full of questions I wondered if she was genuine! I never like to recommend cuckolding to people, as it's quite a responsibility to bear if things go wrong, rather I like to stress the positive aspects whilst not neglecting the negatives.

Jasmine seems well grounded with a down to earth attitude to sex and has a good relationship with her potential cuckold who can hardly wait to see her in action. She tells me they are hoping to find a much younger man for a long term relationship and that she would ideally like to experience a big penis. Apparently her husband has a very small penis, something she realised after several months of studying men's profile pictures on the contact sites they use. We both agree that the uncircumcised penis holds more appeal for playing with though the cut penis looks so lovely and rude with the big red head on display.

I am unable to offer much beyond the usual advice on their search to find a suitable male to join them. Not surprisingly, as she is very attractive, Jasmine and her husband have had many approaches including more than the usual quota of timewasters and idiots with no idea about cuckolding. A great shame as I would love to see them off to a good in the lifestyle. Not for the first time I wish there was a dedicated cuckolding matchmaker site with only serious players, some hope!

Cuckolds in chastity

Friday 28 March 2014

Cuckold Chastity Cage

Chastity devices for men are a growing market in the adult toys business, many women are discovering the delight of having their man safely under lock and key.

From what I hear it seems the idea usually comes from the cuckold, or sometimes the bull, but women seem happy to play along and grow to enjoy being the key holder! I think most cuckold couples try it at some stage.

The cage that covers the penis is probably the most popular device and many cuckold couples own at least one. Personally I find the plastic variety lacking in charm. My husband has a lovely stainless steel cage that we bought mail order from Hong Kong for 28 dollars and looks really stunning on him.

You can spend a serious amount of money on some devices and obviously the correct size, either way, is vitally important to ensure comfort as well as to look nice. Specialist sites such as Chastity Mansion offer good advice from experienced chastity enthusiasts.

On the other hand it seems cruel to allow your cuckold no relief while the bull takes you to heaven!

How young is too young for a bull?

Tuesday 11 March 2014

I have received several messages from a young man, just 23 years old, very keen to be a bull for older couples and asking for advice on getting started. He seems well qualified, tall, handsome, long thick penis and I wish him well but wonder if one so young can have the necessary confidence and authority for this specialised role. Apparently he is quite experienced sexually but only one-on-one with his girlfriends. Like many his age he's interested in older women and thinks cuckolding has appeal.

Many of us in the lifestyle have yielded to the entreaties of young keen men with gorgeous bodies to let them show us what they can do only to find that first night nerves result in them being unable to achieve a viable erection. Of course the resulting stress makes matters worse and the situation is very distressing for all parties!

Bulls come in many varieties and ages though many couples enjoy the younger man many prefer men their own age or even older. The two necessities for a bull are an understanding of cuckoldry and the ability to deliver a great performance. I wish my young friend well and have suggested he start by swinging and doing some straight forward threesomes, helping the husband, and see how it goes before offering his services as a fully fledged bull. I have given him some tips and really hope he does well, he is going to keep in touch. Maybe some time in the future I will be recommending him as a bull.

How to get your wife to cuckold you

Wednesday 19 February 2014

This is on of the most common questions men ask and the most difficult to answer. If you are asking the question it does tend to presuppose that your partner is not totally comfortable discussing sexual matters. Obviously you will need to proceed slowly to convince your lady but once the seed is sown it will grow with nurturing. A good start is to initiate a discussion about people you each fantasise about enjoying intercourse with and what you would like to do with them.

It is not unknown for wives to take years to be convinced but be reassured more women than ever before are waking up to the enjoyment a cuckolding scenario can give them. Women may start as reluctant cuckoldresses but when they start enjoying their new found power their enthusiasm can be unrestrained.

Cuckolding the fastest growing lifestyle interest?

Friday 7 February 2014

I have recently read, from several sources, that cuckolding is the fastest growing of all the sexual lifestyle pursuits. I have no trouble believing that as it fulfils a definite need, in my opinion. It is widely recognised that are large proportion of men fantasise about their women enjoying sex with another man and it's becoming clear that many are keen to be cuckolded for real. What is surprising to many is that women are so interested in embracing the lifestyle. Though many woman are at first horrified by the idea they soon come to realise the many advantages the shift in power within the relationship confers on them.

I have also read that cuckolding is not a sexual fetish, as I have sometimes called it, but a lifestyle choice. I am convinced and stand corrected but as with a lot of terminology it isn't important what you call it so long as you enjoy it.

Good cuckolding adult movies wanted!

Friday 24 January 2014

Why is it so difficult to find some good cuckolding adult movies? We were looking the other day for something to get us in the mood and it seems there isn't much around. Sure there are some American movies available but they all seem to miss the finer points of our fetish and are rather extreme for our taste.

If you have read UK Cuckolds Blog on our links page, we think his story of the corruption of Mrs T would make a super movie. I'm sure there are many wives who would love the treatment Mrs T received from Staffs Bull and his huge cock. It could be exactly what would be cuckolds need to persuade their hesitant wives to take the plunge!

Hope to have a nice bull blog for us

Sunday 12 January 2014

We have recently been exchanging emails with a very nice gentleman who enjoys the bull role and is currently providing his services to a couple we know very well. Very much hoping he will write for us on at least a semi regular basis as we feel his insights could be interesting and reassuring for couples considering the cuckold lifestyle.

It has been our hope for sometime to find a good bull to blog for us and we're also hoping to find a cuckold husband to share his thoughts.

Intimate shaving

Thursday 9 January 2014

I have just read that women should all immediately stop shaving their pubic hair. This comes from a young woman of the feminist persuasion. Apparently we all just responding to male pressure to look the way they find attractive which is obviously wrong! Having shaved down below for nearly 20 years I can tell her that I do it because, in my opinion, it looks nicer, feels nicer and I find sex more enjoyable. I know I am not alone in this. I also expect my lovers to be similarly smooth.

We vacation every year at a family oriented naturist resort in France and nearly everyone regardless of age or gender favours the smooth look. I consider myself a feminist but surely there are more important issues involved than personal grooming! I don't see the shaggy look returning any time soon but shaving seems so universal now that inevitably there will be those that want to be different and who really cares?

Happy New Year

Sunday 5 January 2014

Happy New Year to all cuckold couples and bulls! Whether you are old hands or contemplating your first step into the lifestyle we hope 2014 will be the year your dreams all come true!

Enhancement to the site

Thursday 24 October 2013

Apologies for not posting for so long this has been due to our web designer making some much needed internal changes to the website. Yes, it does look just the same but we now have a solid foundation from which to progress the site. This development stage is now complete and we are now able to look at enhancing the site, when we have decided how we wish to progress.

Cuckolding is a minority interest taking society as a whole but more and more couples are becoming open to new sexual experiences and are discovering it's appeal. There are a vast range of reasons why men and women are interested in cuckolding experiences and we hope to add our own views through this site.

Cuckolding, give it a try

Thursday 1 August 2013

I do think all relationships reach a point where they could benefit from a spell of good cuckolding! Ladies, give your husband a break from his marital duties and bring in a specialist to take over. I suggest a keen younger man who can make a regular commitment to join the marriage partners. Your husband will see you with fresh eyes and appreciate your sexuality all the more after seeing you enjoy your new bull.

Husbands, you need to discover your inner cuckold and you will find observing your wife having intercourse very erotic and she will find your presence reassuring. You should masturbate with enthusiasm which will be a big turn on for your wife especially if she has never before have seen you seriously self-pleasure. If all goes well your wife will have a memorable experience and be grateful for your selflessness in allowing her to explore her sexuality.

Guidance for prospective bulls

Friday 26 July 2013

I thought I would offer a little guidance to prospective bulls, men considering an approach to a cuckold couple.

Firstly cuckold couples are normally not looking for a one-off meeting, they want a man who will regularly have sex with the cuckold's wife in an ongoing relationship which includes friendship as well as great sex. You will be taking over the husband's sexual duties within the marriage so you will need to be confident as well as a more than competent sexual performer.

The husband will take a cuckold role which often, but not always, includes him watching his wife and her lover perform together. The other man can be described as a lover, boyfriend or playmate.

Some cuckolds are slightly bi and enjoy giving oral to the lover to prepare him for intercourse with their wife. This act of submission can be very stimulating for all three! Sometimes the cuckold may guide her lover's penis into her vagina or perform post intercourse oral on her, her lover or both. Naturally these acts are voluntary and only take place if all are in agreement.

Compose your initial message to a couple with great care, always remember that a couple comprises two people. Most have a very clear idea what they are looking for so do not be offended if that isn't you. Tell them as much as you can about yourself as a person include physical details such as build, height and penis. Include your interests, leisure as well as sexual.

They will also be interested in your previous sexual experience and current relationship status. Some couples will not meet attached men while others view a man being in a stable relationship as a positive attribute and are non-judgemental. After a positive first approach it is normal to swap face pictures.

Good luck! The lifestyle needs more good bulls, so please persevere - there are many different couples out there, looking for different things in a bull, one of them could be a perfect match.

Some garden frolics as temperatures soar

Sunday 14 July 2013

The hottest day of the year so far and, as we have a secluded garden, we're all having a naked day in the sun!

My only adornment is a silver chain around my right ankle indicating my status in the lifestyle and that I have my husband's full approval. At least I hope that's what it indicates, opinions seem to differ on this one! No matter it looks very nice.

I always enjoy being naked with my two special men. My lover's young muscular body with his large penis and my husband's slimmer build and small penis are both attractive to me in different ways. I know they enjoy admiring my big breasts freed from constraint too.

As always we start off determined to enjoy social nudity without sex rearing it's head but we fail miserably again. Around mid-afternoon my lover can't resist fondling my breasts and in an instant he's as stiff as a poker. My husband is sent to fetch a large towel to lay on the ground and a camera so he can occupy himself taking a few snaps for the family album. When he returns Peter has me spread eagled on the patio table and getting busy applying his tongue to my slit. Following a lengthy oral each way session my husband suggests reverse cowgirl on the towel laid out on the grass.

As I lower myself onto Peter's manhood whilst my husband watches camera in hand capturing the moment I think how lucky I am to have two wonderful men.

A hard bull is good to find

Sunday 30 June 2013

As everyone involved in our lifestyle knows good bulls are not easy to find. We hear stories of men who sounded just perfect turning up and performing inadequately or being unable to rise to the occasion. To be sure it is not a role that many men are naturally suited to. Most cuckold couples have endured a great many disappointments before meeting their Mister Right.

If a wife is quite experienced sexually she may find it enjoyable and worthwhile to train a suitable man to be her bull. Working together to overcome any performance anxieties he may experience joining a cuckold scenario for the first time. Inexperienced wives normally find this daunting and prefer to find a well-recommended bull to guide them through their first time.

The lot of the cuckold

Saturday 15 June 2013

The member of a three-way relationship who is generally considered to have the worst of all worlds is, I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear, the cuckold.

However the generally perceived view is, in our opinion, erroneous. Most cuckolds we come into contact with tell us how much they enjoy the role and how much pride they take from having a highly sexual wife who can hold her own with a top sexual performer guest male. Commonly they tell us how much pleasure they get from seeing their wives in action and how they love seeing them reach orgasm several times with their lovers.

Some cuckolds tell us, and probably it is true of many more, how relieved they are not to have to try satisfying a demanding woman. They have relinquished their sexual role to a more masculine male and eased into their cuckolded destiny.

A good friend is now regularly cuckolding

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Enjoyed a nice relaxing lunch with my friend Carolyn, see earlier posts, who tells me all about her new lover. Certainly cuckolding seems to agree with her, she is looking stunning. She also has a new confidence about her now that her sexuality is not repressed and her naturally dominant role is to the fore.

She is very fond of her new man who has become a regular guest in the marital bed. He and her husband also get on well and the three of them go out together. She tells me how good it feels to now have a regular sex life with a younger man and all about his rampant penis! Her husband too has settled naturally into his cuckold role and has even begun to get actively involved in a small way, doing those small tasks that cucks can help with.

I have asked her again to write a small piece for our site as I feel she exemplifies our ideal of cuckoldry enhancing a marriage.

Our domestic situation

Wednesday 22 May 2013

It has occurred to me I should perhaps clarify my domestic arrangements for new readers. My young lover moved in with my husband and I some time ago. He sleeps with me in the marital bed and my husband has moved into a spare bedroom. It goes without saying that, as a good cuckold wife, I don't have sex with my husband now I have a regular lover. I am totally at the disposal of my lover and sexually committed to him, we make love without condoms.

I love being sexual with my lover whilst my husband watches us and we like to have one good session a week that we can all really enjoy. Naturally we make love frequently and our bedroom door is always open should my husband, as he often does, wish to observe us. He knows that Peter's virility together with his big penis provide me with a level of pleasure he cannot hope to match and he is pleased as well as proud of me.

In praise of younger men

Sunday 28 April 2013

I make no secret of the fact that, when it comes to great sex, I am a big fan of the younger man. When I say younger, I mean 19 upwards, for which I have received some criticism from some!

I firmly believe there is a natural attraction between young and old. In a primitive society where mortality was high and survival depended on more babies being produced, the older woman of proven child producing capability would be naturally drawn to the younger virile men.

I also think men growing up learn most things in life from women, what is more natural than that should also learn love making? None of the young men I have enjoyed has ever said anything derogatory about the experience, usually expressing their gratitude.

Swinging leads on to cuckolding often

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Many couples, possibly most, begin practicing cuckolding after starting their sexual adventures on the swinging scene. This is what happened in our case.

It is often said, and most consider it true, that the women are the key participants in swinging. They decide who they will and won't meet. It is all about female sexual empowerment contrary to what many people outside the lifestyle believe. A partner swapping foursome is, when all is said and done, two men cuckolding each other.

For many it is a natural progression to then meet single males and enjoy an experience aimed primarily at the female's sexual pleasure.

How to find a suitable bull

Wednesday 3 April 2013

Once a couple decide they want to take their first step with cuckoldry they inevitably find themselves in the predicament of where to find a suitable man. Usually the would-be cuckold husband can't wait for his lovely wife to let him play the role he craves and she is only too eager to enjoy a new lover, however they can't find the right man. Frustrating to say the least and it is likely to be a long slow process whichever route you choose.

I think we all know the pitfalls of finding a bull online but many couples, including ourselves, have very successfully introduced men they have met socially into their relationship. Often relationships that have started this way go on to be very long term and rewarding. You will need to take your time in subtly conveying to your prospective bull that you would welcome his advances and the prospective cuckold needs to convey that he is happy to share his wife. How long this takes will vary and needs to be finely judged.

My friend cuckolds her husband for the first time

Sunday 24 March 2013

I have just heard from my friend Carolyn, see 9 March, who tells me that their fantasy is no longer just that - yesterday she made her husband a cuckold.

She tells me her lover proved to be an enthusiastic and skilled performer, his long penis venturing where no man had gone before! Though his incessant thrusting has left her a little sore, their first meeting was a great success. The meeting was enjoyed by them all, especially Carolyn who is ecstatic to have now experienced a real man making love to her.

I was delighted to hear they coupled in the marital bed with her husband observing - apparently he is still a little shell shocked, serves him right! She is already planning their next meeting. Full marks to her understanding husband and I'm thrilled to hear of such a positive outcome.

Lunch with prospective cuckolders

Saturday 9 March 2013

We enjoyed a very pleasant lunch with a couple who have been very close friends going way back. They are fully aware of our unconventional lifestyle and have often expressed their desire to have a similar arrangement. I know that the lady, who is age 52, is confident she can please a much younger man and is very keen to try. Her husband who is about 12 years older, dotes on her, and is more than happy for her to have a "special friend" to visit.

Needless to say, I have done everything to encourage the lady to cuckold her willing man but it has all remained an agreeable fantasy. So I was happy to hear that they are in contact with a handsome man of 28 and a meeting looks very likely to take place. Privately, the lady tells me that she can't wait for her husband to witness her receiving the sex that she feels in need of and deserves. Her supportive husband feels he can't do his gorgeous wife justice and it's time to step aside for a better man. Wonderful!

I wish them well, have asked to be updated with developments and for them to write about their experiences for us.

Men, talk to your wives!

Saturday 2 March 2013

A great many men fantasise about seeing their wife or girlfriend enjoying a sexual experience whilst they take a voyeur role. However they are often reluctant to confide this to their partner. Many cuckolding couples we know tell us they wish now that they had introduced a third party male much earlier in their relationship. So I suggest men that you pluck up courage and tell your lady what you would like her to do, you may be pleasantly surprised by her reaction. At the very least the seed will have been planted!

A gentleman's endowment

Thursday 14 February 2013

Whenever I get together with female friends who share my interest in sex, after a few glasses of wine, the subject of penis size comes up. Generally in connection with the unusual proportions, in either direction, of a gentleman one of us is currently enjoying intimacy with.

Probably it will not be a big surprise that the usual consensus is that, all things being equal, big is decidedly better. However it has to be said that all things are never going to be equal. Though I have to say that I find the sight of a well equipped man in a state of arousal absolutely stunning, and having had three daughters I feel I need some extra girth, I have on occasion enjoyed some outstanding experiences with quite modestly endowed men.

Couples and male friends with benefits

Saturday 26 January 2013

There is a broad spectrum amongst those of us who enjoy the cuckolding lifestyle. Regular visitors will know that my husband and I enjoy a laid-back, easy going and nothing too extreme version of the lifestyle. The majority of the couples we know share this approach. It doesn't seem strange or unusual to us that a committed couple have close male friends.

If everyone's happy it just seems very natural for this to extend to a sexual role. It has to be said that this triangle can cause problems for those whose relationship is built on a rocky base but if you have thought things through then exploring the three way dynamic can be very rewarding for all, as many couples are now discovering.

Cuckolding on the rise

Monday 21 January 2013

All sorts of people are attracted to the cuckolding fetish, for a great variety of reasons. Some couples try cuckolding to enrich an already active sex life. For others they have had to admit that things are not working with the sexual side of their relationship and the decision to invite a new male to join their relationship is not an easy one, particularly for the husband.

The internet has of course brought a greater awareness of all aspects of sexuality to a mass audience. Certainly some of the enthusiastic cuckold couples we know freely admit that without the internet they would never have found the courage to try. The influx of new blood has definitely been beneficial to our little pastime and the fetish has definitely lost a lot of the sordid air it once had. Though many participants would not want their neighbours and colleagues to know what they do, they are not generally ashamed of it either.

There are some very nice well behaved men around who find the bull role attractive, so it's got to be good for us all!

Happy New Year

Saturday 5 January 2013

Happy new year to all you hot wives, cuckolds and bulls!

As always I wonder what changes this year will bring. Sadly, I feel the chances are that I will be seeking a new bull before the year closes. Part of me relishes the challenge, even having reached my fifties I still feel I can attract a gorgeous younger man. However having been in a stable relationship for more than 2 years I don't look forward to all the nonsense that is part and parcel of finding a new lover.

I have decided to be positive and that it will all be for the best.

Breakfast in bed

Sunday 29 July 2012

My lover was extra horny today and we had a super session when we woke up. Following which my naked husband brought us breakfast in bed.

We're all quite excited about our holiday in two weeks time, the three of us are heading off to France where we are renting a chalet at a naturist resort.

We don't want to shock some of our friends!

Saturday 23 June 2012

Our unusual domestic circumstances seem so natural to my husband and I that we tend to forget that many people, including many of our friends, would be aghast.

I have confided to three close female friends that we are a cuckold couple, two of whom have since initiated the cuckold scenario in their own relationships, the third I suspect would very much like to!

We also have have a wide circle of friends from our days exploring the swinging scene who enjoy cuckolding.

Several of my married female friends have lovers that their husbands are unaware of. I feel it's sad that their husbands can't enjoy this side of their sexuality and it must be harmful to their relationship.

It takes three to tango (for us)

Sunday 3 June 2012

I cannot state too often how lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband. He allows me to enjoy fantastic sex with another man and relishes his role as the cuckold.

Extreme humiliation of the cuckold is a no-no for us but nevertheless all participants are well aware that the bull has taken over the cuckolds marital duties because of his superior sexual prowess.

The psychology of our relationship with the bull is very important to us as a cuckold couple and I am thankful my two men have a mutual regard. I do require that my husband be present when I make love with my bull and he is enthusiastic about watching us even though he is totally ignored throughout.

Starting off in the cuckold lifestyle

Friday 18 May 2012

Many more women than you might imagine are interested in experiencing a cuckold scenario. To some it's a secret fantasy, others are seeking the sex that's missing from an otherwise good marriage. Of course one thing all us cuckoldresses (and wannabe cuckoldresses) have in common is we all want to experience a really top notch bull. Handsome, a good penis is always welcome, a fantastic sexual performer plus, importantly, just the right touch when dealing with the cuckold. Not an easy package to find.

Even experienced couples get caught out. For couples new to the fetish achieving a positive first time, for both partners, is a particular worry. Tragically a less than happy first experience has meant an early end to many couples' cuckolding adventures. Naturally every woman wants her first cuckolding experience to be magical - truly fantastic sex with the lover of her dreams, multiple orgasms while her shocked husband looks on knowing he can never match the experience - this is what cuckoldry is all about for women. She shows her gratitude to her cuckold for making her sexual fulfilment possible. However if it doesn't work out that way the disappointment can be insurmountable. We particularly hear a lot of complaints of insensitive treatment towards the cuckold by inexperienced bulls with an incomplete understanding of the cuckold role.

I am often asked for advice on finding a bull and I tell couples to wait until they are sure they have found the right man, however long it takes. Make sure he understands our fetish and will play his part. Alternatively personal recommendation can't be beaten.

Website tune up

Saturday 12 May 2012

Our web designer has finished some fine tuning to our site. We have a responsive site and it should render itself according to the platform you use to view it.

From a smart phone through to a desktop computer we hope the site will be easy to view.

A nice new couple interested in cuckolding

Saturday 14 April 2012

A very pleasant morning talking to a lovely couple looking to join our lifestyle. Of course they like the concept immensely, it's just the reality that worries them! Naturally my husband and I did our best to reassure them but the lady especially was very concerned about finding a man who wouldn't disappoint. Not an unreasonable concern.

It's always nice to meet such a "normal" couple who have decided for all the usual reasons to try cuckoldry. At one time the wife would have engaged in a secret affair causing much damage to their relationship. Much better that she explores her sexuality with her husbands support. We have the internet to thank for making this possible.

We told them about the many couples we know of that are carrying on very rewarding cuckold relationships and gave them the run down on finding and selecting suitable men. We didn't lead them to believe that it would be easy as we know from our own experience what a minefield it can be particularly for the inexperienced. We wish them well and are hoping for progress reports.

Bull is a term that causes concern

Friday 17 February 2012

I have had some messages from a lady concerned about the term "bull" with it's connotations. I quite like the term with it's overtones of power and sexuality.

However many women who want to cuckold their willing husbands don't want to see them totally humiliated by their lover. I have reassured the lady that the term "boyfriend" can be just as appropriate.

It is an integral part of our fetish that the husband is made to feel inadequate but we need to set limits on this before we admit a third party male to the bedroom, that is for sure. Though I think we all like and need a degree of firmness from the bull to make the scenario work.

Saint Valentine's Day

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day! Six cards not too bad at my age and two had lewd suggestions on them.

Plus got flowers from my husband and my lover!

Some negative comments received

Friday 3 February 2012

We've had some persist mail critical of the role of cuckoldry in our life. Well this is the 21st century and we're not hurting anyone, as far as we're aware, and only give advice when it is requested. We're not saying you should do as we do but if you want to we'll tell you how you can go about it.

I do love my husband but as much as I love him I don't let him cut my hair or make my clothes. I go to someone with the skills to do those jobs in a way that pleases me. So why should sex be different?

My lover moves in!

Saturday 15 October 2011

A milestone in our three-way relationship this weekend! After weeks of discussion Peter, my young lover, has officially taken up residence with us. He has moved his belongings into our second largest bedroom though he will share my bed as he normally does when staying with us. My husband will sleep in the spare room. These have been our normal arrangements when Peter stays over as he has been doing most weekends anyway.

It will be interesting to see how things develop in our relationship. I can't believe it won't be for the better as we all get on so well in the world we have made for ourselves. We tell anyone who asks that Peter is a distant relative and I think this is believed.

Cuckolding for mature women

Saturday 30 July 2011

Once again I am shocked to find that, despite my resolve to do so, I haven't kept my blog up to date. Too busy with sex and advising other couples who either already enjoy or want to try our lifestyle!

A lot of people have difficulty understanding that a mature woman can love her husband but still enjoy regular sex with a young virile man with the complete approval of her husband.

I'm lucky to have such an enlightened husband who encourages me to enjoy my sexuality, we believe it has made our relationship stronger. More and more mature women are realising that there are alternatives to either abstinence or having a secret affair when their husband becomes unable to perform in the bedroom, for whatever reason.

A chat to prospective cuckolders

Sunday 27 February 2011

Entertained a very nice couple to afternoon tea. As you may know we offer counselling to couples thinking of exploring our lifestyle. We don't claim to be able to make them happy but we share our personal experiences and give some practical advice where we can. Sometimes when we feel so real empathy with a couple we arrange a social meeting and a chat.

Geraldine and Phillip probably fit the profile we see with many couples. She is a very attractive 47 year old brunette and her husband is a 59 year old successful businessman. Like us, they began swinging on an occasional basis, then refined this to meeting younger males for the lady's pleasure. Not difficult to see that Geraldine is the driving force behind all this! Like we did they are now hoping to have a full time exclusive arrangement with a young man.

We all got along extremely well after some initial nervousness! There was some diffidence until we broached the subject of sex, then they were full of questions, which we did our best to answer. On these occasions we make sure that we find an excuse at some point for the husbands to talk alone while myself and the wife do likewise.

Geraldine had some very frank questions to ask me about our arrangement, how it works and how the three of us feel about it. As well as the practical side of coping with the sexual demands of a much younger vigorous male! Meanwhile the husbands discussed whatever men discuss at times like these!

I remember when we started our voyage of sexual exploration what a relief it was to talk to people with similar desires and G & P certainly seem to find our advice useful and promised to keep us informed how they get on.

A foursome with a friend and her bull

Saturday 30 October 2010

Spend all morning preparing myself for what I hope will be a memorable afternoon of love making! My friend Sue is coming over, plus our mutual bulls, and we will hopefully each have our first dual penetration.

Sue and her husband arrive at midday and after a light lunch we pack our, much put upon, husbands off to play golf. We wait with much anticipation for the boys to arrive.

Peter arrived first and I introduced him to Sue, who was clearly very much impressed, and we chatted until Tom arrived. Well once we were altogether we lost no time in getting down to business!

Sue was clearly much taken with Peter and they were soon stripping each other naked. Meanwhile Tom and I were rediscovering each other. I trained him in the art of love and I was interested to see how he would perform. We both undressed, I left my black stockings on of course.

His six inch penis seemed teensy after Peter's huge member which Sue was now on her knees sucking with gusto. Tom went to work on my breasts before sitting me on the sofa, lifting my legs and applying his expert tongue to my throbbing clit. Seeing us, Sue came and sat down beside me and spread her legs apart. Peter lost no time in kneeling down and licking her glistening pussy.

We had agreed that Peter with his large cock would take the vagina whilst Tom, much to his delight, would take the back door. Peter lay down on the floor with Sue giving his cock a last suck to ensure he was fully hard while I applied plenty of lube to her back passage. Sue then mounted Peter and slowly began to ride him. Meanwhile I gave Tom's cock a suck before fitting his condom and applying some lube to his shaft. He then knelt and deftly slid into Sue's back passage up to the hilt. Well the boys heaved away for ten minutes while Sue screamed with pleasure.

I could hardly wait for the boys to recover so I could be "serviced" and fortunately it didn't take long! Soon I knew the delight of having two rampant men inside me - extremely rude! Can't wait for the next time.....

I loose my (back-door) virginity

Saturday 23 October 2010

I experience back door love! Finally lost my anal virginity and to my long suffering and somewhat reluctant husband. My verdict? Interesting, not unpleasant, will do again, next Saturday to be exact!

My closest friend Sue and I have arranged a meet with our lovers next Saturday whilst our husbands play golf.

Sue and her husband are old friends of ours, we met during our first swinging days, they have since followed us into the cuckold thing and she loves to humiliate her husband over his tiny (four inch) penis. Sue's bull, Tom, used to be mine until he got a bit possessive but that's another story!

Well Sue has decided she wants a dual penetration, one man in her vagina and the other in her anus, and has asked for the loan of my bull Peter. No way was I letting him go alone, so I'm second in the queue for a DP and quite looking forward to it now my husband has broken me in!

Must keep blogging...

Saturday 9 October 2010

I resolve to keep this blog going from now on! Just need some sexy fun to write about....

My bull stays for the weekend

Monday 28 June 2010

Recovering from an exhausting weekend! Peter, my bull, stayed the weekend and he was particularly rampant even for him. I must admit that after not having seen him for three weeks I did encourage him. We were all so horny that we made for the bedroom early on Saturday afternoon.

Peter is just 23, very well endowed and I can't keep my hands (or mouth) off him! I love the thrill I feel when I take out my breasts and instantly his manhood starts to point at the ceiling. I made it very clear to him (and my husband) how much I had missed him, telling him how I loved his big cock and the feel of it inside me. All proceedings were videoed by my husband for future enjoyment.

Peter spends the night in the marital bed with me when he stays with us while my husband sleeps in the spare room. So we started Sunday morning off in a very pleasant manner following which my husband brought us breakfast in bed.

After Sunday lunch it has become a sort of tradition that we all sit down to watch the previous day's home movie on the big screen TV! This involves all being naked and masturbating, in my case using dildos and vibes. We have a competition to see you can abstain from sexual contact the longest. However proceedings soon descended into an orgy when Peter began giving me oral. Soon he was making love to me in the doggy position, my favourite, while I rewarded my long suffering husband with a blow job.

An all together very pleasant weekend! We are now frantically now preparing for our annual trip to south west France where he have a chalet in a naturist resort. Peter, naturally, will be coming with us. He is a little nervous however not having experienced social nudity before but I think he is looking forward to perusing the naked women. Of course there will be plenty of sex too I'm sure!

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