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Cuckolding for us

We consider ourselves to be a cuckold couple and we have set up this site to share our experiences with other couples who are interested in this lifestyle. When we began cuckolding, like many couples, we just wanted to add some spice to our marriage but we soon became fascinated by the psychological side of the three way relationship. Dismayed by the lack of non-sensationalist sites we decided to start our own. It has developed along with our progress in the lifestyle and that will continue.

What we seek from cuckoldry may not be exactly what you are looking for but we hope that by sharing our motivations and what we hope to achieve from engaging in the lifestyle it may ease you on the path to greater fulfilment in your own relationship.

The motivations for beginning a cuckold relationship differ widely, for some couples it is a casual sex opportunity while at the other end of the spectrum it offers relief for a wife whose husband is inadequate or incapable. In between are couples who are experimenting and exploring their sexuality. Cuckolding attracts a lot sensationalism but it is a serious interest and deserves to be treated as such.

We are not saying cuckoldry is good for everyone, though we suspect many relationships would find it beneficial, but for couples such as ourselves it has been very rewarding for all involved. We have been involved in the lifestyle now for many years and a surprising number of people have contacted us during that time for advice on our "hobby". This developed into an ad hoc support group, where we would meet socially to discuss aspects of cuckoldry. Following on from that we decided to set up this site in the hope of reaching a wider audience.

Our background

We are David and Chrissie, an older couple, and would class ourselves as middle class professionals (doesn't almost everyone!). When our children finally grew up we felt a need to explore our sexuality and that we had missed out in this area through years of hard work in our younger days.

Our first lifestyle experiences involved partner swapping with other couples mostly our own age, some younger, some older. We progressed from this to threesomes with guest males with Chrissie soon developing a taste for the younger well endowed guys. She admits to being pleasantly surprised by their interest in her.

In the early days our motivation was the thrill of inviting a new male to join us in the bedroom but as we became more comfortable with a three way relationship we felt the urge to explore our motivations and so was born our interest in the cuckold lifestyle.


Chrissie enjoys younger, well-endowed men and over the years we have extended an invitation to a variety of men to play a role in our marriage. She has enjoyed helping several young men to lose their virginity and mentoring them to deal with the emotional and physical demands of regular intercourse with a demanding older woman. We believe that training in the art of love should be an essential part of every man's education.

Cuckolding is something we enjoy together as a couple and we feel, for many reasons, that it is important the husband is present when his wife meets with her lover. We prefer a regular, exclusive arrangement with the chosen man, or sometimes men, so we can become comfortable and relaxed together leading to better sex.


Looking to the future we hope to have an attractive man join us in our marital bedroom for many years to come! These days many women are enjoying a regular sex life well into their seventies so, hopefully, we have many years left to enjoy cuckolding. The lifestyle is increasing in popularity because it fulfills a need and we would like to see it recognised as a sensible option for a marriage in the 21st century.

Chrissie & David

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