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A very difficult year for cuckolds

Friday 8 April 2021

Last year was certainly challenging and my wife and I were affected like everyone else. Nevertheless, we had some good moments. Last September was the eighth anniversary of my initiation as a cuckold – an event indelibly etched on my memory. The years have certainly flown by and in so many ways I feel I am still learning to deal with the role I have chosen.

Of course to ensure we stay safe we have had to forego our "social" activities which has not been easy. When circumstances change you have to adapt and as well as purchasing some interesting sex toys we have resumed intercourse together which has been rather challenging! We have had to rediscover some of the techniques we used during the early years of our marriage. We would start by lying together on our sides kissing and I would push my erection between her legs rub it against her, when she became more aroused she would take hold of my penis and rub it vigorously against her clitoris until she reached orgasm, then she would roll on her back and spread her legs for me to mount her. Sometimes I would come on penetration but I rarely managed more than half a dozen thrusts. Things are not much different now apart from us extending our repertoire to include giving and receiving oral pleasure, something we never did before cuckolding. I am not completely comfortable receiving oral from my wife, it just doesn't feel right, but it is very enjoyable. However since becoming a cuckold I have learnt to please her with my tongue and I can give her amazing orgasms which I love.

Our favourite sexual position is with me lying on my back and my wife mounting me and rocking gently back and forth so as to grind her clitoris against my pelvic bone. I find I can last a lot longer than in the missionary position and my wife can carry on to finish even if I ejaculate.

I think I speak for both of us when I say I can hardly wait to resume having a capable well-endowed man perform my husbandly duties for me!

Happy New Year

Friday 27 December 2019

I just wanted to wish all who read my blog a very happy and successful new year.

I am surprised to have had quite a few messages from readers during the course of the year, mostly positive, rather humbling for a small penis cuckold.

It's been a quiet Christmas for my goddess and I but we are both excited that our bull is arriving tonight to stay over for the new year. So there will certainly be some fireworks! Naturally I will be moving to the spare room as is fitting.

When they spend several days together the resulting sex is often fantastic, so I have high hopes for this weekend.

Best wishes to all especially those men who will be initiated as cuckolds during this coming year. Hope your wives receive everything you wish for them.

Being a supportive cuckold

Friday 27 July 2019

It's very lamentable that pornography gives such a distorted view of the lifestyle we love and I am sure it deters many couples who would benefit from getting involved. For instance, in a porn film the cuckoldresses are always super-dominant and bullying towards their wimpy husbands. In the real world women suffer many insecurities about cuckolding their husbands and their interaction with the bull.

I am very lucky that my own wife is totally committed to my cuckolding and outwardly appears to be a confident cuckoldress but she still has inner doubts about whether she should be doing what she is doing. Strangely, or perhaps not, those doubts seem to increase with her level of sexual pleasure. There is no doubt she has some misgivings about behaving in way that society has educated her to believe is totally wrong for a woman. Perhaps she also wishes she had a normal relationship with a husband who could take her to the heights of pleasure she reaches with her lover.

As her cuckold I must reassure her about how positive my feelings are for her as a woman and how positive I feel about her having a lover. We talk constantly about the lifestyle and each others feelings about our involvement. After a session with her lover we discuss the sex that took place, there's always some part of the session where she became particularly aroused and enthusiastic that we talk about in detail.

To sum up, perhaps we don't have the marriage that either of us would ideally want but we love each other and it is working very well.

Six years a cuckold

Monday 22 October 2018

Though our first explorations of the lifestyle were motivated by my inadequacy I feel that as a couple we have risen way above that. Last month my beautiful wife and I celebrated the sixth anniversary of my initiation into cuckoldry, an occasion which always leads to us reviewing our relationship together.

I am a typical cuckold with a tiny penis and suffer from premature ejaculation, in short I cannot hope to satisfy my wife's physical need for intercourse. She was very understanding but at the same time quick to see that a cuckold marriage might be the answer. In fact we now both view my inadequacy as a blessing in that it led us to discover the cuckold lifestyle. We have enjoyed some amazing experiences which would enhance any marriage, experiences any loving husband would want for his beloved wife. Plus we have learnt a lot about ourselves and above all become closer as a couple.

For myself I feel that I have far greater self-esteem than before and feel proud to have a lovely wife that much younger men find desirable. As for the sex, my role is limited to that of a voyeur plus I normally give post-coital cunnilingus, yet I feel it is something my wife and I share together. Though I have not delivered the sex I have facilitated it's provision. I take my pleasure from seeing her pleasure.

Looking forward now to our tenth anniversary, I have a few ideas for a celebration!

The cuckold's role

Monday 21 May 2018

On rare occasions I have confessed to other men that I am a cuckold and nearly always the reaction is "I could never do that!". They are missing so much by not exploring the complicated emotions of the cuckold scenario. The mutual trust between myself and my wife has brought us much closer together and our cuckolding is very much a shared experience.

Like many women my wife feels some guilt about her physical unfaithfulness to me and, she tells me, she feels weak giving in to her lust for a hard thrusting cock. Not uncommon feelings for many cuckolding wives and my job as her cuckold is to support her and show my approval.

My wife's vulva is the center of my universe. It is a thing of great beauty and emanates power, I simply worship it.

I don't feel that cuckolding diminishes a man, quite the opposite, I feel it defines me as a man. I am proud to serve a strong sexual woman.

A very enjoyable weekend

Monday 5 March 2018

We have just enjoyed one of our best weekends for a long time during which I was repeatedly cuckolded by my lovely wife and her young lover. It was wonderful! After a break of three weeks my wife, Jennifer, was feeling incredibly horny so our official bull Alex staying the weekend was something we had both been eagerly anticipating. My wife remarked how much she missed "Phil", her pet name for Alex's cock, so-called because he "fills" her vagina.

It's Saturday 2pm and we are both sitting awaiting the arrival of Alex. I'm wearing a towelling robe underneath I am naked apart from my stainless steel chastity cage around my penis. I am disappointed that I won't be able to masturbate but I must obey the mistress's command. She is looking fabulous after spending all morning getting herself ready. Her dress is quite short with hold up stockings and a lovely bra and thong set chosen by myself. We hear a car outside and I dash to the window but false alarm and we both relax again. Not sure why we are both so nervous after all the times we have done this now but we nearly always are.

Alex is the best bull we have had and has taken my cuckolding to new levels of excitement for both myself and the mistress, who adores him. We both consider him a close friend and confidant. He is 27, divorced and has a demanding job, so a regular sex life with no dramas or complications is something he very much welcomes.

Suddenly, I realise his car has pulled into our drive way and we both leap to our feet. I remove my robe whilst my wife checks her hair and make-up in the mirror. I go to open the front door, being careful not to be seen, I let Alex in and we shake hands then he takes my wife in his arms and kisses her passionately. I feel that tightening feeling in my stomach as I see her respond. My wife suggests I make tea, so I take myself off to the kitchen grateful to have a task to attend to as I always feel uncomfortable at this stage.

I make the tea and carry it through to the living room on a tray. I'm quite comfortable being naked while Alex and Jennifer are fully dressed, I feel very good in my cage. Many would think I was undergoing humiliation but having my penis under restraint makes me feel empowered and very much a cuckold in a positive way. We sit and chat while we drink our tea, talking about what we have been doing since we last got together. We have a need for some reason to pretend our relationship is not just about sex and to be fair there is a real friendship between the three of us. Eventually my wife, quite demurely, suggests we "go upstairs", my excitement mounts as I follow the lovers up to the marital bedroom where I will once again be cuckolded..

They start by kissing passionately, taking no notice of my presence, then they start undressing each other. As they let their clothes fall, I pick them up and fold them neatly. I always get a thrill when Alex reveals his cock, he looks magnificent, a real man with his eight and a half inches of thick hard muscle rampant with desire for my wife. Jennifer is running her hands over his cock with obvious pleasure then she drops to her knees and gets to work with her mouth around his glans while she works his shaft with her hand. Alex, hands on hips, is watching me to see how I react to my wife's expert attentions. I am watching intently and feeling some swelling in the area of my chastity cage.

Their foreplay is always a lengthy business, she needs to be fully aroused to receive his large male organ, Alex gets her to lie on the bed with her legs spread so he can get to work on her pussy with his tongue. He's a real expert and she is soon moaning then, when he thinks she's ready, he starts using his fingers which brings her rapidly to orgasm.

I'm getting quite excited now as the moment of penetration nears, Alex asks her if she's ready, I feel a thrill when she tells him she wants to go on top. Alex lies on the bed and Jennifer gives his cock a last rub and a suck before rolling on a condom and drizzling some lube down his shaft. Then she straddles him for the position she loves, reverse cowgirl. Leaning back supporting herself with her arms she lowers herself slowly on to his cock. I love this position and kneel down and get as close as possible for a grandstand view of his cock going back and forth into her stretched pussy. After around 15 minutes vigorous cock-riding she is starting to tire and Alex takes over thrusting hard up into her. I am transfixed by her engorged clitoris and I look up at her imploringly. She knows what I want to do and she smiles and nods to me, instantly I'm down there kissing her pubis and teasing her stiff clit with my tongue, I can feel the power of Alex's thrusts going deep into her vagina. A cuckold voyeur must remember not to distract the loving couple and much as I would love to fondle her breasts, which are thrust forward by her arched back, I must resist.

After around 10 minutes of his expert thrusting Jennifer starts to scream as she moves towards a powerful orgasm, her body jerks as Alex's loud bellow tells me he has shot his load. Once again I feel the sensations that all cuckolds I know well - dismay that I can't provide the quality sex my wife needs and deserves plus relief that the responsibility has been taken from my shoulders. The first fuck of a session is always the most compelling for me, after that it's nice to watch but rather repetitive, so I leave them to recover and head downstairs to start preparing our evening meal. A cuckold's work is never done!

The cuckold's role

Friday 2 February 2018

Many people think that the cuckold's only function is to sit quietly masturbating or wait at home while his wife is out enjoying herself with her preferred lover. However, those experienced in the lifestyle see his role as pivotal to the whole experience, a view I share.

As a willing cuckold I see my role as being the facilitator of my wife's fucking at the hands of a more capable male. Everything from choosing her lingerie through to arranging meetings is my responsibility along with being the trusted intermediary between my wife and her bull. Anything the pair are reluctant to raise directly with the other they can run past me and I will advise and possibly sound out the other. Say, for example, the bull would like to buy my wife a leather basque and fuck her while she wears it then I will ask her opinion and report back.

I always try and be on friendly terms with our bulls who are normally quick to see the many advantages this can bring. The only abuse I have ever suffered has been from prospective bulls who seemed to feel that it was expected, perhaps needless to say they did not receive an invite to our bedroom. That's not to say I don't enjoy well aimed snipes at my shortcomings as a man! It's not however a big surprise to me that my wife needs a cock bigger than mine.

Confiding his most secret desires can often pay big dividends for a cuckold with the right bull for instance should his cock slip out from my wife's vagina it's useful to know if he will be comfortable with me taking hold and reinserting. Ideally there needs to be mutual trust between all three parties in the cuckold relationship so that intercourse between the wife and bull is relaxed and natural in front of the proud husband.

My new Blog

Monday 2 October 2017

I was asked some time ago if I would like to blog about the experiences of myself and my wife in the cuckold lifestyle. I took some persuading before I eventually agreed to give it a try mainly because I genuinely don't believe that our experiences are about me. However, I do really enjoy discussing what it means to be a cuckold, so when I was assured there could be some interest I decided to give it a try.

A little about me, I am in my early fifties, tall, slim and keep myself fit. Apart from having quite a small penis I like to think I am far from the traditional image of a cuckold. I have recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of becoming a cuckold, during that time I have been cuckolded by a total of 23 men, young and old. It has all been wonderful!

My wife is 12 years younger than me and, as many of our bulls have commented, probably at her sexual peak. When I first had the "talk" with her she was, like most women, reluctant and it took us a couple of years to reach a point where she was prepared to give it a try. These days, I'm pleased to say, she loves the lifestyle and is very much the driving force in our relationship. She is my goddess and I worship her, to me her beautiful vagina emanates power.

My wife and I both feel that cuckolding is a completely natural direction for a couple to take their relationship. For the cuckold it does mean reconciling some conflicting emotions but that is where the real joy of being cuckolded lies.

I plan, in future posts, to elaborate on all aspects of my life as a cuckold and hope you will follow me. Please don't hesitate to contact me via the site.

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