We are pleased to bring you these pictures of some handsome and naked cuckolds looking delectable in just their chastity cages for your enjoyment and perhaps envy. We have allowed them anonymity but make no mistake they are unashamed and proud to be cuckolds.

If you would like to show off your cuckold please send us your pictures for inclusion.

We are just getting started on this section and will add to it when we can, hopefully with your support.

Gerald - Proud to be her cuckold


Age: 53

Status: Cuckold husband, observer

Allowed: Oral only

Penis: 3.75 inches

Gerald has been Jennifer's cuckold since September 2012 and she has kindly shared his picture with us. Looking resplendent in his shiny chastity cage, his tiny penis safely under restraint, what wife could resist making him her cuckold?

Jennifer tells us that Gerald very much enjoys being caged for her bedroom romps but otherwise isn't kept caged for long periods though he loves the look and the feel of being under her control. He always keeps his little package impeccably smooth shaven so he looks his best in his cage. The picture was taken after a particularly intense session with her lover and they surprised Gerald afterwards by taking a few pictures.

Jennifer says he is definitely a "proud" cuckold and thinks he is a lovely looking one too and hopes we agree. Well, we do very much indeed.



Age: 52

Status: Cuckold husband, occasional observer

Allowed: Oral only

Penis: 4 inches

Helen and Martin have been into the cuckold lifestyle for about 7 years, starting with chastity and then moving on to cuckolding. Helen has a regular bull plus a couple of other men that she sees occasionally.

Martin is kept locked for a week to 10 days at a time and always when she is out on a date or a sleep over. This picture was taken just before she went to stay overnight with her regular bull. Martin tells us "She was wearing a black leather skirt and stockings which always get me turned on but of course they weren’t for my benefit."

Of course Martin will have to be a good boy wearing that lovely cage!

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