This is a personal site, non-commercial, which we hope may be helpful to experienced cuckold couples as well as those curious about the cuckold lifestyle whether their role is that of bull, cuckold husband or hotwife.

Cuckolding, in modern usage, is when a couple invite a man to take over the husband's sexual role in the marriage. For those serious about the cuckold lifestyle this is a long term arrangement with one man rather than just casual sex encounters with several. We recommend that the husband be present, and naked, when his wife has sex with her lover but that he should not insert his penis though he may use his hands and tongue to stimulate her at any time this is deemed acceptable.

Whether you are yet to take the plunge into a cuckold relationship or are old hands we hope you will go to new heights with your relationship. Maybe this will be the year that cuckolding is established as a serious cultural phenomenon and here to stay. Already articles are appearing in respected publications and it's even been discussed on television.

The cuckold lifestyle is sometimes criticised for being anti-marriage, yet nothing could be further from the truth. We are very much pro-marriage, it is only the role of sex in the marriage we take a non-conformist view on.

Of course cuckolding overturns everything about male/female relationships that we have been conditioned to believe since birth. We see it as a celebration of the natural superiority of female sexuality which can bring much joy to all involved. The three-way interaction between the bull, the wife and the cuckold is what makes this lifestyle so delicious and compelling to us.


n a man whose wife has proved unfaithful

vt to make a cuckold (of)

[OFr cucault from cucu cuckoo]

cuck'oldize or cuck'oldise vt to make a cuckold.

cuck'oldly adj (Shakesp)

cuck'oldom or cuck'oldry n the state of a cuckold; the act of making a cuckold.

cuck'old-maker n.

- Chambers Dictionary

The word cuckold is a derivation of cuckoo, an allusion to the female cuckoo's promiscuous mating habits and her habit of leaving eggs in other birds’ nests.

What do you mean by the cuckold lifestyle?

With modern cuckolding the husband is fully aware and tolerates his wife having sex with other men, often encouraging her to do so.

With many couples the wife does not merely have affairs and/or promiscuous sex with others but forms a committed relationship, which can be monogamous, with a third-party male. He is often chosen primarily for his sexual prowess hence the term "bull" to describe him. Obviously opening your marriage to a third party male is not something that should be done without much thought and, like any relationship, it will need much effort and consideration from all parties to make it work. Mutual trust and a close bond are essential for a couple contemplating a cuckold marriage.

When a cuckold relationship really works it can be very rewarding, strengthening a couple's commitment to each other and bringing them closer together.

The typical cuckold husband

A weak physique, under-developed genitalia, a meek demeanour - the age old stereotype is definitely no longer accurate. There are many reasons why men allow their wives to cuckold them and it is not purely concerned with their ability as a lover or the size of their sexual organs.

Many men fantasise about watching their partner make love with an attractive man and find they enjoy having a partner who is attractive to other men and who enjoys her sexuality.

The typical cuckoldress

She will enjoy the dominance that expressing her sexuality with her chosen lover gives her over her husband. She will enjoy having her husband who supports her in her pursuit of quality sex and is selflessly committed to her. She has the best of all worlds - a husband who loves her and an expert lover to satisfy her physical needs.

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