George and Jane are typical of many couples joining the cuckold lifestyle. He is an older husband with sexual problems, supportive to his younger wife who wishes to continue enjoying sex. They were kind enough to talk to us about their involvement in the lifestyle, how they got started and what it means for them.

CC: Thank you for coming along today and agreeing to answer some very frank questions.

Jane: A pleasure.

CC: Perhaps you could start by telling us a little about yourselves.

George: I'm 62 have my own business.

Jane: I'm 44 have a career, we've been married 22 years and have two grown up children who have left home.

CC: You consider yourselves to be a cuckold couple?

George: Yes we are, my wife has a regular lover who provides the sex in our relationship. I am her cuckold. This has been the situation for just over a year now.

Jane: We don't feel any shame about it and we both think it's quite a natural thing. It seems strange to us now that we were so uptight about it to start with, it's just sex. If I met a friend to play tennis with while George watched nobody would think this odd, so is it so much different that we have a friend I have sex with?

CC: What first prompted you to become a cuckold couple?

Jane: Things weren't going well in the bedroom, my husband suffered bouts of impotence - he often couldn't achieve an erection or it would fail after penetration.

George: Yes, but things hadn't been right long before that. I have to be honest and admit that I'm not very good at sex and my penis is only four inches long when fully erect.

Jane: You would finish very quickly too which was extremely frustrating for me.

George: As a cuckold I have had to face up to being sexually inadequate and unable to satisfy my wife. To be honest it's quite a relief to step back and hand over to a better man. My lack of competence was making us both miserable.

CC: (To George) Did you view your cuckolding back then as something inevitable?

George: To be honest deep down I did. I felt worthless as a husband and as a man.

Jane: Though our sex life had never been what you would call adventurous things had gone from bad to worse. Even so I had assured my husband I would never have an affair, I felt the bedroom situation was something we could learn to live with.

CC: So whose idea was it to start cuckolding?

George: I originally brought up the subject after hearing about friends of a friend who were apparently doing it.

Jane: I remember being a little shocked at first then realising I found it quite a turn on. I began reading everything I could about it.

George: Yes I found the idea arousing too, I couldn't stop thinking about it and eventually had to confess to Jane that I longed more than anything to see her cuckold me with a real man and enjoy a big cock.

Jane: I was very aroused by the idea of doing it but nervous about the reality. We were fortunate that eventually we met a really nice man who we thought right for us and he became my first bull.

CC: (To George) How did the idea of being cuckolded make you feel?

George: The thought of my wife being with a virile man really aroused me and had been a fantasy of mine for years before I got the courage to ask Jane to make it happen. I wish now I had told her how much I longed to see it happen for real.

Jane: I wish you had told me and we had started cuckolding sooner!

CC: Tell me about the man you met.

Jane: We joined a contact site and I began chatting to an experienced cuckold couple who gave us many tips and through them we met James. He's an experienced bull and we really wanted a man who would lead the way and be patient with us. We began regularly chatting and after a while met him a few times for drinks and then a meal. To cut a long story short we decided to give him a try and agreed to meet him at a hotel one Saturday afternoon.

CC: How old is James?

Jane: He's 28, I like younger men but I was worried that he might not find me arousing enough.

CC: How did your first time go?

Jane: It went well considering how nervous we both were. All credit to the bull for putting us at ease, once we started it all went along beautifully before I knew it he was inside me.

CC: What particularly were you nervous about?

Jane: He would be only the second man who had penetrated me and I was nervous how it would feel. Worried that I wouldn't get wet enough and it might hurt. I don't know, all sorts of silly things!

CC: Did you have doubts about how your marriage would fare afterwards?

George: Very much so but I think we both felt we had come too far to back out, I think we both felt my cuckolding had become inevitable. We might regret doing it but would regret it even more if we didn't at least try it.

CC: What arrangements did you make for your meeting?

Jane: We booked a hotel room a safe distance from our home. I remember sitting in the hotel bar waiting for James to arrive and considering making a run for it. Then he arrived and he was so charming that we were both at our ease instantly. We chatted for a while then he gave my husband a bag and an envelope and sent him up ahead to the room we had booked.

George: My instructions for getting the room ready and what to do when you both came up.

Jane: When James and I went up to the room my husband was there naked. There was a packet of condoms, a bottle of lube and a vibrator on the bedside table placed there by my husband. The bed cover had been pulled back with a towel covered chair placed next to it.

George: For me to sit and watch.

CC: Yes I had guessed that. What happened next?

George: I'd been instructed to undress my wife ready for the bull.

Jane: James sat down and watched while my husband helped me off with everything. He hung my dress up and folded my underwear until I was just in my stockings and heels. James got up and we kissed then he started playing with my breasts, kissing and sucking them, getting me quite aroused. I'm quite busty and he seemed to like them. I'd also shaved between my legs and he began stroking me down there, so I was starting to feel quite sexy at this stage and couldn't wait to see James naked and start the sex.

CC: (To George) How did this make you feeling?

George: Gosh just terrible! Watching another man kissing my wife wasn't too bad even though she was almost naked but when he started fondling her breasts I felt quite strange. It was all the worse because I could see by the look on Jane's face that she was absolutely loving it. It got worse still when he put his hand between Jane's legs and I could tell by her reaction he had located her clitoris. I wondered if I would be able to cope when he started to actually fuck her. It just felt so wrong that I wasn't insisting he stop, I felt worthless as a man and being turned on by what I was seeing just made it worse. I felt extra vulnerable being naked and embarrassed about my penis which is really tiny when slack. I was shaking a bit and had a knot in my stomach.

CC: (To Jane) And how did you feel?

Jane: Very strange to be truthful, I could see my husband was looking miserable but I didn't care, I was enjoying James touching me so much. Got worse too, James begun to undress with his back turned to us, passing his clothes to my husband for folding and hanging. Once he was naked he turned around and we saw him in all his glory, fully erect he is just huge.

George: I think we were both stunned by the sheer size of his erect cock.

Jane: Yes frankly I was amazed, I had no idea that a man could be that big. To be honest I probably wouldn't have agreed to sex had I realised but I wasn't going to back out at that stage.

CC: How big is he?

Jane: He is over nine inches long and very thick too. He must have noticed us staring as he asked us what we thought of it.

George: You lost time in getting to grips with it I recall.

Jane: Yes well that's why we were all there, I held him in my hand and stroked him then he whispered asking me to suck it. I knew I would be expected to provide that service, James and I had discussed it together beforehand but think it was a surprise to my husband.

George: No I hadn't realised you would suck him, oral sex wasn't something we had ever done, when you knelt down and began sucking his cock I realised I was really being cuckolded.

Jane: You got an erection then didn't you?

George: Yes it surprised me and felt very good too.

Jane: James and I agreed later how good it was to see we what we were doing together had aroused you.

George: James suggested I might like to masturbate which I felt embarrassed doing in front of my wife and especially another man but at the same time it felt really great.

CC: (to Jane) Did you enjoy your first time time sucking a cock?

Jane: Yes very much though he's so big it wasn't too easy.

CC: (to Jane) I hope he reciprocated and give you oral?

Jane: Yes, another first for me! He got me to lie on the bed and knelt between my legs, his tongue was everywhere exploring all my secret places then he inserted his fingers.

CC: Did you come?

Jane: Yes though it took a while, I was a bit stressed worrying about accepting his cock and I thought no way would I come, but suddenly I felt it building up then it swept over me.

CC: Did you have a problem accepting his big cock?

Jane: No, it was much easier than I had feared. He took it nice and slowly, sliding it back and forth increasing his penetration a bit each time plus adding extra lube. It took about 10 minutes before he was fully inside me.

CC: (To George) Hope you were getting a good eyeful?

George: I held my wife's hand and had a clear view of his cock going in, then I went to the end of bed to watch him sliding in and out. It was a dream come true watching my wife accepting a big cock.

Jane: It was the best sex I had ever experienced, he was just so expert and considerate, he knew instinctively how hard and how fast to thrust. He was also a real athlete, very fit, the sex was much more physical than I had ever had with my husband, he was really thrusting hard.

CC: Were you able to achieve an orgasm through his thrusting alone?

Jane: Yes I have discovered I can orgasm through prolonged intercourse alone which I didn't believe possible before.

CC: (To George) You must have been proud when your wife reached orgasm?

George: Yes very proud that she could perform so well with a real stud.

Jane: Watching you rubbing your penis was a real turn on too.

George: As I mentioned I was really embarrassed to be doing that in front of you not to mention the bull but I just couldn't stop.

CC: How did the fuck go after that?

Jane: James finished up with a really hard pounding and I came again myself. After he had dismounted he instructed my husband to inspect my "ruined cunt" as he called it, and told him to be a good cuck and lick it better. I knew this was James' plan but my husband hadn't been aware.

CC: (To George) Did you do that?

George: It didn't really occur to me not to. She was really gaping, wide open, I moved close, took a deep breath and started to lick her. She was really wet and I had her juice all over my face, it tasted delicious. I'm a little ashamed I had never done this with my wife before.

Jane: I was really proud of you, you did very well, sorry you weren't the first.

CC: (To George) How did it feel at that moment to be a fully fledged cuckold?

George: I was really excited. I wanted to run to the window, fling it wide and shout to the world that I was a cuckold. I had just witnessed my sexy wife having the most incredible sex with a real man and I was astounded by her performance. I felt proud to be her cuckold.

CC: (To Jane) And how did you feel about having made George a cuckold?

Jane: Mixed feelings, the sex had been a real eye opener and I was thrilled my bull seemed really pleased with me but I was concerned about the humiliation of my new cuckold. We both knew he had never fucked me as well as James had just done.

George: My overwhelming emotion was relief that we would both now know that. Trying to satisfy my wife and failing has only made me miserable and her too. It felt good to know we had found a solution.

CC: (To Jane) I hope your bull fucked you again before he left?

George: They were really hot for each other and did it three more times in different positions.

Jane: I was really enjoying myself by then, we were all much more at ease together after the initial intimacy. I had all but forgotten about my husband's presence, all I wanted was more orgasms, I just couldn't get enough of that big cock. When I did glance at my husband he seemed to be permanently erect.

George: Yes I was rock hard and it felt really good rubbing myself but I couldn't seem to come unusually for me.

CC: In hindsight how do you feel about your first lifestyle experience?

Jane: Extremely positive though wish I hadn't had such nerves before hand. Even so I really enjoyed myself, it was the best sex I had ever had, sorry George. I think we both wished we had done it years before.

CC: And your cuckold?

George: Yes I felt relieved and proud to be officially a cuckold and that it had been so enjoyable, proud of my wife as well for doing so well and making it a really great day.

Jane: Oh thank you darling, I'm grateful for your encouragement and for helping to make it all possible, you being there with me was also very special.

CC: It's great it was such a positive event in your lives.

Jane: Very much so, after the bull left we went home and sat up until late running over everything that happened and how we felt.

CC: This was a year ago, how have your cuckolding exploits progressed since?

Jane: We carried on seeing James for several months until he unfortunately moved away due to work commitments. It took a while but we found a great new bull and he's been with us for six months now. Under his guidance we have progressed as a couple in the lifestyle, more involvement for my cuckold and we plan to progress to condom free which we are all looking forward to.

CC: Do you still have sex with each other?

Jane: No, we took the decision early on that my husband would be denied and I would belong to my bull. We wanted to totally commit ourselves to the cuckold lifestyle and that meant no penetrative sex for George though he is of course allowed to pleasure me with his tongue.

George: My being denied makes the experience of watching my wife with her bull all the more exquisite. Though I miss being inside her I have to recognise that a better man has replaced me and I have dedicated myself to developing my oral skills for her benefit.

CC: (to Jane) How important is the man's endowment to you?

Jane: Physically, I need to feel full with my vagina slightly stretched, I enjoy the feeling of a deep penetration too. From the psychological viewpoint I feel it's good for the bull to have a male organ that demands respect and is much larger than my husband's.

CC: So you see yourselves cuckolding long term?

George: Yes definitely my wife very much enjoys the sex. I enjoy my cuckold role and seeing her enjoying herself with a man. The mental side is very important we feel particularly the three way interaction with the bull. We're looking forward to developing as a cuckold couple and progressing more with the lifestyle side.

Jane: We feel that it has been a progression in our marriage - a natural progression, and I personally don't think there's any going back. I very much enjoy having a bull, it has enhanced our lives so much.

CC: Do you think cuckolding has improved your relationship, if so how?

Jane: Definitely, we are very much closer as a couple I believe and have a much stronger bond with one another. I respect George enormously for becoming a willing cuckold. It makes all the difference to me having a supportive husband who encourages me to have a full and active sex life. It's good we can share it together.

George: People have remarked how happy Jane seems and I have seen a big change in her since she first cuckolded me. She is much more confident and assertive now and is definitely the dominant partner in our marriage.

CC: What advice would you give similar couples considering cuckolding?

Jane: You need to be sure you have a strong mutually supportive relationship and above all trust between the wife and her cuckold. I think that admitting a third-party to our relationship would be difficult if we weren't both considerate to the other's feelings. Having said that I would encourage them to do it.

George: I would add that it is like any relationship you get out in proportion to what you contribute. To any would be cuckolds I would say plant the idea and let it grow, don't push the issue.

CC: Thank you very much for answering such personal questions, wish you every happiness in the future.

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