A holiday romance with a difference

*** Laura, 51, and her husband Murray, 57, had a marriage changing encounter with a handsome younger man whilst on a trip abroad. Murray discovered his inner cuckold and Laura's sexuality blossomed.

My husband, Murray, and I have been enjoying a cuckold marriage for just over a year now and we have what we hope will be a long term arrangement with a wonderful bull. Our sex life had been, what I would now describe as, quite satisfying but highly conventional. Though we had often fantasised together about swapping partners or trying a threesome, left to ourselves I don't believe we would have had the courage to make it happen. My husband had been a virgin when we married and though I had two previous lovers I wouldn't have considered myself experienced by any means.

Everything changed in our lives when we met a handsome young man on a vacation trip to Majorca. We both liked Tony immediately, he was extremely charming and always complimented me on my appearance. I was extremely attracted to him from the start but he was much younger only 32 and I was a happily married woman accompanied by my husband. As we seemed to enjoy the same things we invited him to spend time with us and had our evening meals in his company. Privately my husband remarked that Tony seemed to like me and asked me what I thought of him. I told him, truthfully, that I did find him attractive but that his apparent interest in me was only politeness and I didn't believe he would be interested in a woman my age.

It was our fourth evening, the bar had become quite crowded and noisy, so we suggested the three of us went up to our room and opened a bottle of wine. I think, in hindsight, that both Murray and I wanted something to happen. I have to admit I was enjoying the company of a handsome younger man and I realise now my husband was enjoying having a wife who was attractive to a younger man.

There was a pack of cards in the room and Tony suggested, making it sound like a joke, that we play strip poker. Emboldened by the wine I said what a good idea while my husband looked unsure. Pretty soon my husband had lost his shirt while I was in my underwear having lost my top and skirt. Tony then began losing and was wearing only his shorts and socks. After a few bad hands I was faced with the dilemma of whether to take off my bra or panties. Tony, being a gentleman, said I need not disrobe further but I was enjoying myself and unclasped my bra and let my breasts hang free, enjoying Tony's stunned expression before placing my arm to discretely cover them. My husband seemed uneasy about my exhibitionism but I was quite enjoying myself hoping Tony would lose some more.

Tony lost the next two hands and his socks were gone leaving only his shorts. Then I lost the next hand. This time there were no protestations as both men watched as, staying seated, I wriggled out of my panties and slipped them down my legs and off without displaying too much of my femininity. The game took on a new seriousness now with both Tony and Murray in only their shorts. Then my husband lost and reluctantly wriggled out of his shorts, again without displaying to much. Then Tony lost and with no inhibitions stood and pulled down his shorts to display his magnificent member in full erection. It was the most handsome penis I had ever seen, longer than my husband's with a lovely curve and a beautifully sculpted shiny red helmet.

"As you can see I find your sexy wife extremely attractive" Tony told my husband "are you two up for some fun or shall we call it a night and no bad feelings?"

I looked questioning at my husband who replied that it was my decision. I suppose I should have played safe and said goodnight but I was so aroused by the sight of his naked body and his erect penis. He clearly found me attractive and I didn't want the evening to end there.

"Let's get started" I told Tony with a smile and stood up to show him my naked body.

"Wow" he said looking me up and down. I was pleased that I'd had a professional waxing done before our trip. He took me in his arms and kissed me, a thrill run through my body as I felt his rigid male organ against my belly. His hands were everywhere exploring my body.

Tony was quite deferential to my husband to begin with and suggested that I give my husband oral as a good way to get us going, adding that he would very much like to see me do that. I exchanged nervous glances with my husband. Oral had never been on the menu with us, sure when really aroused I had sometimes kissed and licked my husband's helmet and he had given me the occasional lick but we had never had a serious oral session. Of course I didn't want to admit this so I got on my knees in front of my husband and took his semi-erect penis in my mouth and began tentatively to suck him hoping I was doing it correctly. My husband's groans reassured me as I felt him stiffening up.

"Laura's a great cocksucker, Murray you're a lucky man!" Tony told my husband. I was surprised that I was enjoying myself quite so much and wished we had done more oral sex together. Tony had moved quite close now and his erection was only inches away from the mouth, obviously hoping his turn was coming. I stopped sucking my husband and took Tony's cock in my hand and began stroking him and fondling his balls. Unlike my husband his cock and balls were fully shaved and silky smooth all over. I guessed he was at least two full inches longer than my husband and thicker too. I should have been worried about how Murray would react to me sucking another man in front of him but I wanted Tony's cock so much I just didn't care. I began kissing his shiny helmet and gently exploring it with my tongue building up the courage to take him fully in my mouth. Taking a deep breath I wrapped my mouth around Tony's rigid phallus and took as much of him as I could manage then stopped and looked up at him. I started stroking Tony's thighs and cupping his smooth shaved balls in my hand all the time feeling his cock throbbing in my mouth. He was groaning with pleasure, urging me to suck him when I finally began to move my mouth up and down his shaft enjoying the effect I was having on him.

I was having the time of my life when Tony, much to my dismay, took gently hold of my head and gently eased me off his cock. He directed me to lie on the bed then knelt between my legs and began to use his tongue on my sopping wet slit. I gasped as his flicking tongue explored all my secret places then found my swollen clitoris. Soon I was squealing with pleasure as I felt an orgasm building deep inside me. I felt his two fingers probing inside my vagina then my legs were kicking the air as a powerful orgasm swept through me. I had ceased to care about my husband and could only think about how much I wanted Tony's wonderful cock inside me. My husband had been watching with a shocked expression, his mouth gaping. I could see he was extremely stiff. In hindsight we had become a cuckold couple at this point, all three of us knew that Tony would fuck me in front of my husband.

I kissed Tony passionately, tasting my love juice on his mouth, I had an overwhelming need to take him in my mouth again. I sat on the edge of the bed and began to suck him, enjoying the taste of his cock. I wanted him so badly.

"I want you inside me" I told him. Tony went to his jacket and produced a packet of condoms and passed them to me.

"Get me ready for you" he told me. My heart was beating fast as I took one out, removed the wrapper and rolled it over Tony's rigid male member. I got comfortable on the bed and as Tony moved into position to mount me I obediently spread my legs to receive him. I glanced over at my husband who was sitting in a chair masturbating. Our eyes met for an instant then I gasped as Tony's cock touched my lips and then pressed on into my vagina. He started slowly, just three or four inches inside me to start with then going a little deeper for half a dozen strokes before moving deeper again until he was fully inside me. His cock felt so good deep inside me and he seemed unstoppable as he thrust away tirelessly while I stroked his muscular body and groaned with pleasure.

I had rarely if ever achieved an orgasm from a penis in my vagina but I did so now as Tony's hard thrusting reached a new intensity. He continued his thrusting while I writhed in ecstasy on his penis. He suggested we changed to the doggy position. I positioned myself on all fours in front of Tony with my bottom in the air aware I was showing him everything I had. I was so desperate to have him back inside me. He slipped back inside me and he felt just amazing in this new position, really huge and his penetration deeper than before. I was pushing myself back on to him and squealing with pleasure. I had soon had another orgasm followed closely by a third. Tony took hold of my hips and began thrusting really, really hard with a new urgency then he gasped as he came himself.

We collapsed back on the bed panting, slightly embarrassed, as in our passion we had totally forgotten my husband. I could see by his now limp penis and the semen on his stomach that he had ejaculated while watching us. Passion spent, I think we were all a little embarrassed about what had taken place, enjoyable though it had been. Tony and I lay on the bed and made small talk with my husband. I wondered if we should call the evening to a close but it was too early for sleep and to be honest I wanted another session with Tony's cock. I began to stroke Tony's cock feeling it twitch as I did so, soon he was ready for action again. Tony had been eyeing my breasts with interest, I was disappointed he hadn't given them any attention so far as I'm very proud of them. I'm a D cup and quite firm. He began to kiss and flick his tongue over my nipples and giving me a good knead at the same time. I whispered to him that I wanted more doggy.

"Do you mind if I fuck Laura again?" Tony asked my husband, who shook his head. I got into position while Tony rolled on a condom then he lined himself up before thrusting all the way home with one stroke. Whilst Tony went about his work I watched my husband's unselfconscious masturbation with great interest. Tony delivered another superb performance lasting ages and making me come twice. Afterwards we all chatted for a while but I was exhausted and suggested we call it a night. Tony got dressed and I kissed him a passionate goodnight telling him how much I had enjoyed the evening. He thanked both of us and wished us a goodnight.

After he had gone we clearly had some things to discuss but I suggested we wait until the morning. We got in to bed still naked and I cuddled my husband until we drifted off to sleep.

The following morning I woke after a deep sleep feeling refreshed and revitalised. My husband, however, seemed rather subdued. Neither of us referred to the previous evening while we washed and dressed ready to go down for breakfast. We both knew I think that something momentous had occurred but weren't sure what would happen next or what it would mean for our marriage.

We didn't see Tony at breakfast and so we went out exploring for the day. It wasn't until late afternoon that I found the courage to ask my husband about the previous evening. He told me that he had enjoyed it which surprised me.

"I'd like to invite Tony to our room again this evening" I told him "but I won't if you don't want me to and anyway he may think it was all a mistake".

"I doubt that" my husband replied "you two were really going at it. I'm sure he'll want to do it again with you, maybe I could wait downstairs?".

"I want you to be with us and join in for a real threesome" I told him.

"It's always been my fantasy to watch you have sex with someone like Tony who can make love to you as you deserve, it was fantasy come true for me to see you together, I'll just watch, always assuming we wants to join us."

When we got back to the hotel Tony was in the lobby. My husband told me he would go up to our room and leave me to speak to Tony alone. I went over to him and he greeted me warmly with a kiss on the cheek. I asked him if he had been avoiding us and he replied that he thought we needed some time alone. I replied we were concerned he might have regretted last night and he admitted to having the same worry about us. I assured him that we had really enjoyed the evening and were hoping for more but we would understand if he would rather pretend it hadn't happened. I could see he was much relieved and said we had made his trip very special, that he was delighted we had both enjoyed it too. I suggested he join us for dinner and then back to our room afterwards. He asked about my husband and I told him he would just watch which he seemed happy with and told me he would be proud to join us.

Dinner that evening was a little uneasy, for myself I was a little nervous about what would happen afterwards. I'd had more discussions with my husband about further sex taking place and he had assured me he was more than agreeable. Even so, I could already feel our marriage had been changed by my passion for Tony's big penis. I longed to feel him deep inside me again and frankly it overwhelmed any consideration for my husband. I felt further emboldened by my husband's subservience.

After dinner we all went up to our room and I got the men to undress me then I lay back on the bed and told them to take their clothes off while I watched. It didn't take long before they were both naked and I was pleased to see they were both fully erect. We all looked at each other wondering who would initiate proceedings. I got up and went to Tony and kissed him whilst taking his penis in my hand. From there onwards it was frantic, he licked me and I sucked him, we made love in a variety of positions a total of four times. After Tony had gone we got into bed together naked and I held my husband close. I felt his penis stiffen against me and wordlessly I moved into position for him to mount me. He took the hint and slipped into my well lubricated passage and began thrusting frantically. It wasn't long before he groaned and I felt him discharge. We lay together silently and I cuddled him until we fell asleep.

The next two evenings were much the same, we couldn't wait to finish dinner and get back to our room.

On our last day we needed to get an early night so I decided to meet Tony in the afternoon in his room while my husband went out on his own. We had more great sex and we also did a lot of talking about what we had experienced. Tony was quite knowledgeable about sex and explained to me about cuckolds and bulls observing that my husband was definitely a cuckold. He told me that he very much wanted to see me again and have sex with me in the marital bed while my husband watched.

After we returned from our trip we carried on meeting Tony regularly for just over six months. It wasn't very easy as he lived some distance away and he would stay with us for long weekends. He would sleep with me while my husband would retire to the spare room after watching us have sex. It was a very happy time for me especially with the sex just getting better and better. Things came to an end when he started seeing a work colleague regularly and they got engaged. We are still friends and he is always welcome to visit our bedroom.

It took some time but we eventually met a wonderful man who is now our regular bull and he is training us to be a good cuckold couple, we both adore him. Under his expert tutorage we have progressed in the cuckold lifestyle, of course I no longer have sex with my cuckold, my bull has sole rights. My husband says that being my cuckold is his dream come true and he's very happy carrying out his cuckold duties in the bedroom.

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