Growing old disgracefully!

Vanessa is at an age when women are expected to spend their leisure time knitting, instead of which she entertains men often half her age. She tells us how she and husband started in the cuckold lifestyle.

I'm on the old side to be indulging in sexual shenanigans and somewhat surprised at how successful I have been considering I am now 63. I think I look very good for my age and I'm told I look 10 years younger. I admit to being 54 and seem to be getting away with it!.

I'm quite tall, not fat, my best feature is probably my 38GG breasts of which I am very proud! My husband is 12 years older than me, and our story is going to be quite a familiar to most of you. Anyway we have just finished our first year as a cuckold couple during which time we have met with 14 men of varying ages but all at least 20 years my junior, for which I owe thanks to my large bust! Mostly my lovers are early forties with several in their thirties, two in their middle twenties and my guilty pleasure a very nice 19 year old!

Two years ago I had reluctantly accepted that my sex life, such as it had been, was over. Then a close friend admitted to me that she was enjoying an extramarital affair with a much younger man, telling me in great detail how good the sex was. I wondered if perhaps I could do the same. I joined an adult contact site on the Internet mainly to research what it was all about. I soon realised I had led quite a sheltered life! Eventually I read about cuckoldry finding the idea most intriguing though at that point I didn't imagine doing it for real. I fantasised about having a sexy man arrive at the house, stripping me naked and having sex with me while my husband looked on meekly. I wanted a "bull", the name resonated sexual power to me, a man who had been with many women and was confident and expert at love making.

The drive to become a cuckold couple for real was all mine, my husband was most reluctant but now enjoys the sessions I arrange. We had a frank discussion and I told him I loved him but that I wanted to find a lover and that we would meet at our home as I had no intention of being secretive and going to hotels. I think it's fair to say he was shocked but he realised I wanted regular sex and agreed to allow me to take a lover. I suspect he thought I would have little success in finding one!

When I began actively seeking a man for sex I would have been content to find just one nice man to be a regular partner but really had no expectations even of that, considering my age. However it was a nice surprise to find I had a great deal of interest from a large number of much younger men. A real boost to my self esteem and only having had one sexual partner I was soon keen to take advantage and experience a variety of men, much to my husbands horror!

As other people have said the first time is always a great concern and we were lucky to find a lovely man who made our first time really memorable. Adam is 42, has a great body, a long shapely penis and is now firmly one of my regular men. He and I chatted for ages and played on our webcams for ages. He knew exactly what I wanted and following a very nice lunch meeting I had no hesitation in inviting him for sex. Once it was agreed we would meet Adam and I spoke at length planning what we would do and where we would do it. Adam told me, and I concur, that the small details are important with a fetish like ours and that a small wrong note can seriously spoil an otherwise perfect meet. We spoke several times on the telephone discussing what I would wear how he would treat my husband and where we could consummate the act. Adam convinced me it was appropriate that we should make love in the marital bed heralding in the new era in my sexuality and I agreed.

We arranged to meet on a Friday afternoon around two o'clock. At my age evenings are not a good time for sex! Adam had a previous engagement in the evening and would have to leave by six, this seemed ideal for a first time meet. I had my hair done the previous day and spent most of the morning getting ready. A big thrill in itself with my husband knowing I was preparing myself for another man. Adam had asked me to wear a black lacy thong, lace bra, hold up black stockings and a tight black dress. All of which I had purchased to wear. Another thrill as I had never dressed for sex before. I spent ages doing my make up before finally slipping into my new dress. It looked stunning, very low cut, showing such an enormous amount of cleavage that I would never dare wear it outside the home. My breasts looked even bigger than normal, nearly popping out of the dress - I felt fantastic! I went to show my husband who stared in disbelief, his mouth open.

"You look stunning" he told me, adding "Are you sure you want to do this? We could call it off".

"No, I've arranged it now and I'm going through with it. If we don't enjoy it we won't do it again but at least we will have tried" I replied, trying to sound confident, inwardly I wondered if I should go through with it.

Adam duly arrived, which was a relief, as I had wondered whether he would. I opened the door and he clearly liked the way I looked, telling me I looked fabulous. He kissed me full on the lips and stroked my bottom, oblivious of my husband's presence. We sat in the living room for a while and made small talk, slightly ill at ease. I felt I should be the one to kick things off.

"Darling, could you go upstairs and check everything's prepared, we will be up shortly?" I told my husband.

"Still happy to go ahead?" I asked Adam, after my husband had left the room.

"I want you so much, you're looking gorgeous" he told me.

He stood up and held out his hand to me.

"Would you accompany me to the bedroom where I will take my pleasure of you, my lady" he said with a smile. I stood up and embraced and kissed passionately before going upstairs.

We went into the bedroom and Adam looked around, we had discussed where we would perform and where my husband would sit.

"Could you help your wife off with her dress?" Adam asked my husband who then unzipped my dress. I started to slip it off. Adam moved a chair over to the end of the bed at a slight angle.

"Take your clothes off and sit in that chair" Adam told my husband who meekly began to obey.

I was soon standing in my underwear while Adam removed his clothes.

"Leave that for me to do" Adam smiled as I moved to unclasp my bra.

I watched eagerly as Adam was left with only his boxer shorts left on. He came around behind me, put his arms around and nuzzled my neck. He unclasped my bra and slipped it off and threw it to my husband before taking hold of my breasts and caressing them. He turned me around and gave them both a good suck. I ran my hand over the front of his shorts.

"Take them off for me" he instructed. I could tell he was quite aroused and I was very eager to see what he looked like so I did as I was told slowly pulling them down until his erect penis sprang free. I gave a little scream of surprise - it was huge and I felt a thrill that I was the reason he was so hard. Adam had told me before the meeting, he would like to receive oral sex, I had been unsure about agreeing as I had never given oral before, but now seeing his big hard penis I was keen to try, especially to witness the shock my husband would get.

"I'd like to try what we talked about, stand over by my husband" I told him and I could see he understood as he took up position and adopted the classic pose of a man receiving oral pleasure. Hands on his hips, feet apart and his pelvis thrust forward. With rising excitement I prepared myself.

I will never forget the look on my husband's face when I sank to my knees and took Adam's stiff penis in my mouth. I was pretty sure he hadn't realised we would do oral sex which he later confirmed. He could only watch aghast as I sucked away, right in front of his face, making my enjoyment very clear. I could only regret that it had taken me so long to enjoy sucking a man. My pleasure was increased by the knowledge that an even bigger treat was in store for me. I knew Adam planned to lick my vagina which, unknown to my husband, was now shaven smooth, on Adam's request. Soon Adam suggested I take a break.

"You're a lucky man to have a wife who sucks a cock so well" he told my husband who could only smile sickly knowing I had never ever taken him in my mouth. I stood up and Adam took the opportunity to have another suck on my boobs before kissing me passionately on the lips.

"I want to taste you" he whispered in my ear. A thrill of expectation run through my entire body, I felt my clitoris twitch. Adam knew my husband was unaware I was bald between the legs so keeping my back to my husband he slowly eased down my sopping wet thong and dropped it onto my husband's erection. He then got on his knees and began slowly kissing and stroking my thighs gradually moving closer to my glistening slit. Soon I was groaning as his experienced tongue explored my secret places. My legs became a bit unsteady and I wobbled a bit.

"Let's get you comfortable, I've not nearly finished yet" Adam told me. He sat me on the edge of bed, took hold of my legs and lifted them up and apart forcing me onto my back. It also gave my astonished husband an eyeful of my shaven pubis.

"Isn't that a beautiful sight?" Adam asked my husband who could only nod sitting there naked with his eye's bulging, his jaw sagging and his little penis in his hand. At that moment I could see he was well and truly on the way to being a true cuckold. Adam went back to work with his tongue and soon was inserting his fingers. I could tell he was a real expert and soon my legs were kicking the air as I experienced my first orgasm of the afternoon. I was gasping but Adam's skilful tongue continued it's work while I groaned softly. A second orgasm was quick in arriving and my whole body was twitching as he began gently sucking my stiff little clitoris which completely unused to this treatment precipitated me into yet another lovely orgasm.

Adam could tell I needed recovery time and lay on the bed next to me as I panted. Seeing his big stiff penis with it's helmet shining reminded me, with a thrill of expectation, that the best was yet to come. I had to kiss him even though his face was wet with my juice I gave him a big sloppy kiss on the mouth.

"Let me suck you again" I asked him. I remembered that I wanted to hold his manhood between my big breasts and with my excitement hadn't done so. I knelt between his legs and began sucking him before taking his shaft between my huge breasts.

"I'm going to fuck you now, you little tease" he told me "get on all fours across the end of the bed".

Obediently I did as I was told.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" he asked me "say it."

"Please fuck me, I want you so much" I told him. I looked at my husband to see how he was reacting to this. He was masturbating furiously, I hadn't seen his penis so hard for years. I felt a pang of guilt momentarily, he should be the one standing behind me viewing my naked bottom and about to penetrate me. This quickly vanished as I felt Adam's tongue caress my wet slit.

"mmmmmm lovely view" Adam said "gorgeous little asshole too".

"Hubby could you get the packet of condoms from my coat and take one out please" he instructed my husband.

As my husband obeyed Adam moved to the front of me his penis close to my mouth. I took the hint and began sucking him.

My husband held out the condom for Adam to take. It was a pure cuckold moment. My lover's enormous male organ showing me how tiny my husband's was.

"Give it to your wife so she can put it on for me" Adam told my husband, who sat back in the chair resuming his play.

I rolled the condom over his shaft, my anticipation rising as I realised this lovely penis was a only seconds away from being fully inside me.

Adam got in position behind me and lined himself up. He knew I wanted him to slide all the way in with one smooth stroke with my husband viewing. He didn't disappoint. I cried out as he came to a stop fully inside me, it was the deepest penetration I had ever experienced. I turned and looked my husband in the eye as he masturbated and watched in disbelief. Suddenly he groaned and a small fountain of semen issued from his penis. Adam began thrusting, quite slowly to begin with but as I pushed back on to him he increased his speed. I was soon screaming as his powerful thrusts got faster and faster. Then his body jerked and with a loud bellow he came.

He apologised for not having lasted longer, he told me I had aroused him so much. I told him not to worry and that I was well pleased. In fact it was a marathon compared to what I was used to. Adam sent my husband to make us some tea and we lay together on the marital bed in each others arms, kissing and stroking each other. Adam's erection swiftly returned and when my husband reappeared with a tea tray we were locked in the missionary position with Adam thrusting away powerfully. This time he lasted a considerable time and gave me my fourth orgasm of the afternoon. Then he removed his condom and masturbated to completion, ejaculating on my breasts, much to the amazement of myself and my husband.

Well we had a long break then, my husband made some fresh tea, and we all cleaned up. Slight discomfort as we sat naked drinking our tea, passion spent, we realised we didn't know Adam very well. We both kept looking at Adam's penis which even flaccid looked huge, I was amazed that I had accepted it. We were soon at ease however and chatting normally though the subject was mainly sex! We both admired his penis and I told him how much I had enjoyed the afternoon so far. Adam told me how lucky I was to have a husband like mine to which I wholeheartedly agreed. I told Adam I would really enjoy another session of love making if he could rise to the occasion. He assured me that with some encouragement he was sure he would be able to.

We gave each other oral before I performed my first 69 then completed in the doggy position. We had a fourth and final session in the missionary position before I kissed Adam and his penis a fond farewell. I shut the door, and my husband and I looked at each other, still naked and feeling slightly ashamed, knowing this had been a dramatic day in our lives. My plan for the afternoon wasn't finished however. I told my husband I was determined to finish off by giving him oral and receive it from him in turn. I think he was beyond shock by then and I led him by the hand back to the bedroom. He docilely stood while I sucked him to partial erection then told him to lick me which he did fairly proficiently, while I lay back thinking about Adam, until I had a nice final orgasm.

To sum up Adam is now a close friend and one of my regulars of which I have four now. Our next four meets were with Adam before we got the courage to entertain a new guest male. This was a big success too and after that there was no stopping me! My self esteem has grown enormously knowing I can attract and please younger men sexually. My husband accepts the situation and I think enjoys his limited role, often telling me he enjoyed a visiting man's performance. We have been very lucky I think but cuckoldry has been a very positive experience and one speaking for myself, I plan to carry on with.

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