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This is a personal site, non-commercial, and is intended as an information source for cuckold couples and a beginners guide for those interested in pursuing the cuckold lifestyle whether as a bull, cuckold husband or hotwife. We aim to share our personal experiences, hopefully, for the benefit of other similarly inclined couples.


n a man whose wife has proved unfaithful

vt to make a cuckold (of)

[OFr cucault from cucu cuckoo]

cuck'oldize or cuck'oldise vt to make a cuckold.

cuck'oldly adj (Shakesp)

cuck'oldom or cuck'oldry n the state of a cuckold; the act of making a cuckold.

cuck'old-maker n.

- Chambers Dictionary

The word cuckold is a derivation of cuckoo, an allusion to the female cuckoo's promiscuous mating habits as well as it's habit of leaving eggs in other birds’ nests.

What do you mean by the cuckold lifestyle?

With modern cuckolding the husband is fully aware and tolerates his wife having sex with other men, often encouraging her to do so.

With many couples the wife does not merely have affairs and/or promiscuous sex with others but forms a committed relationship, which can be monogamous, with a third-party male. He is often chosen primarily for his sexual prowess hence the term "bull" is used to describe him. Obviously this is with the acquiescence of the cuckolded husband.

Some couples take part in a sort of faux marriage ceremony where the husband "gives away" the wife to the bull and they make vows of commitment. Some good friends of ours did this a while back and invited us, it was lovely. We have heard of couples who plan the impregnation of the wife by the bull, which must be the ultimate expression of the lifestyle.

Portrait of a cuckold husband

A weak physique, under-developed genitalia, a meek demeanour - the age old stereotype is probably no longer as accurate as it used to be. There are many reasons why men allow their wives to cuckold them. Many men find themselves unable to perform in bed through no fault of their own and are happy to see their, often younger, wives enjoying the company of a virile man.

Many men fantasise about watching their partner make love with an attractive man. At the same time women are exerting their sexuality and are keen to sample sex with new partners whilst preserving a relationship which is otherwise very satisfactory. The wives may find their husband perfectly adequate as a lover but would like to try a bigger penis.